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    We need people to work on finding clothing combinations that add up to 236KC. The hint said the item is made up of items that are the tutu’s resale value (118) times two……I think we should do like chilly was doing and divide it up somehow- any ideas or helpers available- I would love it if chilly would take this forum over and tell everyone what to do——are you listening haha

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      While this would be great this has NOT been the case with the other clothing recipes, sorry. I wish I was not the one to break the newz. Also Plumpy says it a blast from the past I think the black Vest is in it!

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        I thing that the Black Vest is in it,too!I also KNOW that Fourasent Flip Flops[fff] are in it.A website says so!I am going to search thre internet now and find out! :D

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      And chilly can you one more time please put the recap on this forum so everyone can see what’s been eliminated? Thank you as always:) crissy135

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      Well, this is my first time doing something like this so here’s my idea (and if anyone has a better one please feel free to share) Since we got a good idea that something with the webkinz logo may be in it- if somebody could suggest two items to add to the black vest that we have not already eliminated, I will do some math in that category and try everything that adds up to 235. Thanks for giving me some ideas! crissy135

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      Uhhhh, I don’t like math, but I’m sorta good at it! What do you want me to do?

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        Oh you are so sweet! Can you read through all of the other forums and chat with chilly about what has already been eliminated and figure out a way to combine things with the black vest that we have not already done (webkinz logo stuff may be cool) and direct people to find combos that cost 235? you would be my superhero! Thank you thank you so much crissy 135

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      Oh yeah, I’m listening :) ! But sorry, I hate math, so I don’t think I could do this. You had said on my forum that I was really good at that stuff…. but trust me, I am not good at that stuff. All I’m armed with is a pen and a piece of paper. LOL! Trust me, I am not very organized :) (I don’t know why I’m smiling about that. I shouldn’t be smiling about being unorganized :) ). Sorry I can’t take over this forum. Math is not my kind of subject. I hope your better at it than me ;) ~Stay Chilly and Pretty Like a Lily

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        I understand. Good luck on your new forum- can’t wait to read it when the forums get going again:)

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