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    I play soccer and I have never seen a goalie who can do what that pet does ever ever ever……it is like he is professional or something…..I am not playing that game anymore because as fast as the pet is to grab the ball he is super slow to get back to the net-just saying its a lot of time to spend to make yourself not feel good

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      Yeah to all of you for getting this done! I actually read your stuff and got three goals yesterday-

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      I don’t know! One time I got all 5 shots, one time I got none. Sometimes it seems harder. The only advice I have is kinda obvious, wait for the kangaroo to hop in the other direction and then kick the ball. :D Don’t kick it when it’s farthest left or right, put it just a little in from all the way left or right. It’s kind of hard to explain! ~Vegetarian Veterinarian

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      I aim the ball to the opposite side the goalie is moving just a bit and then do not let meter get to high. It takes a bit of pratice and some days I can get three. I have recieved soccer cleats and a soccer jersey and of course kinz cash. But it is hard as heck and drives me nuts. Good luck

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      Yes, I got 3 goals 5-6 times before but not more than that. You have to hit hit far from the goalie but not too far that it goes out. You can’t hit it to high either. Hope this helps. I got a badge from this gameby waiting to the last second to shoot, and some clothing prizes which I traded but I also got a soccer ball and net. They don’t do anything though!!!

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        I got 4 goals yesterday!!! That is the best I did. I got 20 KC and Yellow Soccer Jersey!! I guess practice makes perfect. Been playing WW for over a year now!!

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      I get an occasional goal, but not too often! Does anyone have any tips?

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        The goalie often moves to the left or right. Don’t go to far or it will go far in the distance. You get a jersey or gold soccer ball

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