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    Do you have a pet that needs a name? Well I can help! Tell me the personality (you can make it up), your pet’s favorite color, what type of animal it is, and if it’s a girl or a boy. I will list many names for your pet, and I guarantee you will like at least one. I’m happy to help!

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      colorblock monkey-boy. personality- playful but timid, loves candy!

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      I want to get a red fox and it is going to be a girl, very skilled at hunting, and is like a tomboy. Can ya help? ~MetheBetterHalfofYou~ Good luck. She’s a toughie ;D

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        Yes! Perhaps Missy, Tenacity, Spirit, White Tail, Black Paw, Paws, Tails, Sistan (it’s a place that is really hot and has harsh weather), Sahara, or maybe Elvira. I hope these are good suggestions or inspirations.

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      I got a hippie hippo for valintine’s day and it does not have a name. can you think of one?

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        Is it a girl or a boy? If it is a girl: Valentine, Indigo, Velvet Eyes, Lavender, etc. If it is a boy: Valentino, Marble, Blueberry, etc.

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        How about; Berry, Splash, Dip, Surpey, Slushy, Icee, Hip, Hop, or Hip Hop

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      If you have a bulldog you could name it spike

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      Do you like the name Frosty for my Arctic Polar Bear? Sorry that I’m not asking for a name, just advice. Thanks! True2MyWord1

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        I think that is a great name. I also like Icicle and Snow Cone.

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          I named my Arctic Bear Iceberg. I find it harder to think of boy names…

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