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    Webkinz made it so we could sell our rooms?! I have all these annoying medium sized rooms that I have absolutely no use for. How about it, People?

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      That WOULD be cool…but there are some issues surrounding it. For example, what if you accidentally deleted a room in the middle of your house? There’d be a giant hole in the house, and that wouldn’t work out. There isn’t really a reliable way to fix that problem, because even if you could only delete the rooms on the outside, that would mean you’d have to delete certain rooms in order to get to the room you really want gone (not very good if you really like the room on the outside). So, while I do think it would be useful in some cases, it still has some problems that need to be ironed out for it to work.

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        Umm, I’m a little confused about what you mean, Why wouldn’t it work for you to delete middle rooms? is that a PROBLEM for there to be a gap in the middle of your house? they could just ‘not’ have a door there, if that’s what your talking about. Please, explain what you mean to me! I’d love to hear your further opinion/explanation.

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          Hmm…I suppose it wouldn’t be a major inconvenience. I just think it would seem rather clunky to have a house riddled with gaps. Perhaps there could also be a “move room” option should it prove to be an annoyance, but that’s just my opinion.

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            Hmm… You do have a point there. But I like your idea about the ‘move room’ option. That sounds cool. Thanks for your input!

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      I have wandered about this ever since I started webkinz now all the rooms I buy are the largest version. I do wish we could sell them good idea N1.

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      I totally agree

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      That would be great. Sometimes the rooms are to small for the theme.

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      Yeah… our first room we get is soo annoying!

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