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    Hey! Share UNs for Zoey’s! Then I will friend

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      I haven’t started Zoey’s yet. Is it fun should I join?

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        Hi Kathryn! If you love fashion, designing clothes, etc., you will have a lot of fun. It’s fun for me because I like fashion and dressing up. Registering is really easy and fast. It’s just the part about choosing the world name that can take a while if you’re not satisfied with the names that are generated. It took me a long time to get the right one. Have a sweet and happy New Year!~SC

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        Hey Princesstori1628, what is your name on Zoey’s Design Academy I might have not answered your friend request sorry about that but you can send me another friend request if you want to you don’t have to if you don’t want too. From Zingzing80

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      hey~! I would love to friend you~!

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      Hi True2MyWord1! I sent you some outfits and accepted your friend request! Your online character is Chloe Harper, right? Just want to make sure. I hope this isn’t a silly question. :P Have a sweet day!~SC

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        Yeah, you got my name right! I’ll send you some of my horrific outfits too if you want!

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          Hi True! Ok! Maybe I’ll even like some of them. :D Have a sweet day!~SC

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          Hey true2myword, this is zingzing80 can you friend me on zoey’s design academy my world name is Skye Kelley thanks so much!

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      Thanks! I’ll make sure to friend you. If you haven’t guessed already, I’m True2MyWord1 on there too! Catch you later! ~T2MW1

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      Hi True2MyWord1! I just created my account on there today! Friend me! I’m cocotorichan97. My world name on there is Coco Tori. Have a sweet day!~SC

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      I saw the trailer and it sounds interesting. What will it be rated? I hope it’s not rated R…

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      Nope! It’s not rated R, but I can tell you some movies that are! LoL. Just kidding!! I think it’ll be PG13 because it’s got violence and romance in it. Who knows? Why? Can you not see R rated movies?? Hope you’ll see it! Don’t forget: read the book first! Then you’ll see everything they missed while making the movie!! -T2MW1-

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      Hi True! :D I don’t know if you know this or not, but R actually means restricted to people 17 and over and I’m not 17 yet( I will be in three months ). The limit my parents allow is PG13 and no more than that. Please don’t call me a coward…I’m absolutely not. It’s just that my family is very careful with our movie choices. I hope you understand. Have a sweet day!~SC

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      I don’t think you’re a coward. I don’t blame you(or your parents) for not watching rated R movies. I’m only 12 though(until next month), so of coarse I wouldn’t watch rated R movies! The scariest movie I’ve seen is Catching Fire. I watched the first 5 mins of World War Z and then walked out.(we were in our living room. not a theater) I don’t really like scary movies that much! LOL! ;)

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      Oh yeah! R means for “adults”, but some of the R rated movies aren’t so bad! If there’s anyone who’s a coward, it would be me. I got nightmares after my dad watched Red with me. *shudder* I’m basically allowed to watch anything, but I have my parents watch them first, because I scare super easily!! I’m not even close to 17. I wish I was though…. :cry: -T2MW1- P.S Happy early Birthday and I think it’ll be PG13!!!

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      Thanks! ;) I remember being 12, and I miss it. :cry: At 16, everyone bugs you with this one question: Are you going to drive, soon? The answer is no. I’m waiting until I’m about 18. LOL XD Anyway, depending on the movie, most times my parents do watch it first too( it’s a good idea :) ). I’m a little sensitive too, so you’re not alone( not in the scary parts, but if a character I really like dies or something else happens, this is me- :cry: ). The reason why I said ”coward” is because I’m scared to admit to some people that I don’t watch movies rated R because of my age…I don’t want them to think stuff. However, I just obey my parents. ;) The next PG13 movie I want to see is Ender’s Game because I’m reading the book this year in my literature course. Have a sweet day!~SC

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      I get nightmares easily too! Does anyone know what Maleficent will be rated? Every time my mom sees the trailer for it she gets really excited and keeps on repeating “I want to see that!” She told me that I am NOT going to see it! She’ll probably let me see it when it comes out on dvd though.

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      I am super freaked out about driving too, even though I just turned 13. Everyone says, “Wow a teenager. You’ll be driving before we know it!” I hope we don’t turn out like Sheldon who dosen’t drive. :) My mom dose that too. I like big bang theory but mom will make sure it is one of the appropriate episodes.

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