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    Ohhh! Hey, pompoms! Sorry for replying late, I actually saw your post the day it moderated but I just never got to responding till now. ^^; Ohhh, yeah! I can’t believe it’s been that long. Aww, I’ve missed ya too! I hope you’re doing well! Lately, I’m almost done with school for the semester, I still draw whenever I can, play other games as well as Webkinz, and just pretty much chatting with my friends. How are you doing lately? I’d like to hear what’s been going with ya! Ahh, you too! Hope you’re doing well! Thank you for stopping by here! It’s nice to see ya again! ^-^

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    Heyo! Just came by to post something real quick about my art that recently moderated.
    I finished drawing Marshmelllew as @MLP requested. So, here they are! –
    https://share.ganzworld.com/fanart?id=75587 (I just think the idea was too cute and funny that I had to draw it XD)
    Hope you guys enjoy! I know not much is posted on here lately, but I hope you guys are doing well! See ya, my friends! <3 ^-^

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    that I finally got it as it was one of my long-time dream pet of mine ever since I’ve joined XD Oh and I have gotten some new Webkinz since my absence, and hopefully maybe I’ll post about them soon!
    Anyway, as I said before, I’ll try to get to reply to things I’ve missed soon! I miss being on here and posting on here in general XD
    I hope you guys are doing well, and I also hope to see you guys more often sometime in the near future.
    Have a great week, my friends! <3 ^-^

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    …(Ahh, it appears that I’ve started a new page.. Oof, sorry about that! I hope you guys don’t mind) I see some things have been posted since my absence, and I’ll try to get to them as soon as possible! I probably can’t get to them today, but maybe sometime soon? I don’t really know for certain though, heh.. Also, it has occurred to me that it’s been two years since I’ve joined the forums! Wow, that came up fast o.o I can’t believe it’s been two years already ^^; Well, I know I said this before, but I’m really glad that I joined and that I got to meet all of you guys and became friends with y’all! :D <3
    Ahh, and before I forget, I know emi has seen this already, but I’ll just post my new drawing here just for the sake of it XD – https://share.ganzworld.com/fanart?id=75467 I don’t think you guys know this besides MLP and Taffy, but I finally got the Peace Puppy from the Puppy Day sale (which is sometime last month I think?) and I am super happy…

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    Heyyyy, guys.
    Oof, alright so, I haven’t posted and been on here at all for months, and I decided to check just to see what’s been going on lately. Sorry for how inactive I’ve been ^^; I haven’t felt like posting on here cause of all the stuff I have going on regarding school and such.. However… I hope to be on here more soon? It also depends on how much gets posted here as well. But, I’ll be ending my current semester sometime next month, I believe? (Wow, that fast already :o ) And then, I’ll be off for summer which is pretty exciting ‘cause I really want a break from all that ,XD And hopefully, by then, I should be somewhat more active here.
    Well anyway, that’s enough about me I believe. How are you guys doing lately? I’ve been trying to get to Saturday park chats again ‘cause I’ve been absent from them for months (I think since February?) so hopefully I’ll be able to see you guys more on those. :) Well either way, I hope you guys are doing well! …

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    Okay, I’m back to reply to your recent message, MLP. So, about the details, I think I would like a purple flower hair clip, purple slippers, and a dress with a flower design. Hope this helps! Sorry that I replied back this late, oof.. ^^; Hope you don’t mind! Thanks again for letting me know! ^-^

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    Oh! Sorry, forgot to say that Lavender Mist is a Lil Purple Spring Unicorn, but I think you know what type of pet she is.

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    Hi there! Sorry for the late reply but thanks for letting us know that she’s taking art requests! Let’s see…. I guess I’d like to see Lavender Mist who is a girl with a hair clip and maybe a cute dress as well. Well, that’s all I can think about anyway XD (Oh, and if you happen to see this MLP, I saw your messages the other day and I thought it’s pretty cool since I still do like that certain show XD and I do miss you too! Hope you’re doing well! <3) Thanks again for letting us know! ^-^

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    I don’t know what else to do but @TaffyKitty12, can you PLEASE get back on AJ?? I asked you a question on your wall regarding if there are days that you’ll be available this week, and you STILL haven’t replied to me!! And, to be honest, I’m starting to give up on hoping you’ll be free this week… :( Please get back on as soon as possible… I’m really getting worried… I know you’re busy but at the very least, just answer me, please… I don’t know if this will moderate in time, but I hope you’ll see this… Please get back to me, I hope we can talk again soon…

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    …say. Oh gosh, this must be long, I believe? Sorry XP I hope I’m not too much of a bothersome ^^; I think I’m pretty caught up with most posts on here. Since I’m pretty much on break now, I might be on here more often! Sorry I haven’t posted anything for almost a month though, but hopefully I should be somewhat more active now.
    Alrighty, well, I’m gonna wrap this up now before it gets even longer. Have a nice rest of the week and the weekend, everyone! ^-^

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    …the pets that I have gotten enough medallions for which are – Baby Penguin, and Tuxedo Cat
    Anddd, one last thing… (sorry about this by the way XP I hope this isn’t too bothersome…) I looked in the wShop lately to decide on which two Webkinz to get since I gotten enough points for two Webkinz. And, I think I’ve pretty much decided on which of those two ‘kinz to purchase which are – the Jolly Jubilee Reindeer, and the Red Velvet Fox (yeah… believe it or not, the virtual is actually available there. And, as far as I’m concerned, the plush is pretty expensive? So, that’s kinda why I decided on this one. Plus, I do think it’s pretty cute!) Anyway, yeah, if anyone have name suggestions for those two, I’d appreciate it! ^-^
    Lastly, the good news is that I’m pretty much done with the fall semester! I pretty much finished all my work on Tuesday which is quite a relief XD So, I’m pretty much on break now which is pretty exciting! XD
    Anddd, I think that’s all I have to…

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    …that it has!)
    Rainbow Rascal (No idea what to say about this ‘kinz but I thought its colorful design seems very convincing for me to get it on a sale!)
    Flora Hamster (I don’t have any hamsters on the account that I normally use so I decided to get this since it’s only like a thousand points which is quite a great deal, if I say so! I haven’t adopted it yet actually even though I decided to keep it the same name XD I keep forgetting to adopt it so that’s probably why :P But anyway, I do love its design, it’s super adorable! ^u^)
    None of these ‘kinz besides the hamster have names yet, and I can’t really decide on what I should name them ‘cause I’ve kinda run out of name ideas.. :P Sooo, I’d like to ask for name suggestions of any of those ‘kinz! I’d appreciate it if you guys do! Don’t feel like you need to, but I do appreciate any name ideas for any of my new pets!
    Speaking of that…. I also would like name suggestions for…

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    Ayyy, so uh.. hi guys.
    So uhh… after deciding for a little while when I would decide to post about my new Webkinz that I got from the Black Friday sale from eStore…. I decided to post this today. I hope you guys don’t mind? Oh, and I’d like to apologize if it seems like I’m bragging at some point or another… XP
    Anyway, I guess I should just go ahead and list what Webkinz I got –
    Sooo, the ones I got are… –
    The Cactus Cat (I wasn’t too sure about getting this at first back when it was first released, but ever since I saw CuteHeart’s cat on the park chats, I thought it looks pretty adorable and decided to get it for a half-off price which I think is a good deal! XD And, I do think this cat is pretty adorable! ^-^)
    Mystical Otter (I believe I don’t actually have any type of otter Webkinz that I have on any of my accounts, so I thought this otter would be super cute to add! I especially really like the design…

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    Yeppp. I’m still here :P Finally managed to catch up on posts here after like a month of not posting.. I was pretty busy earlier this month and last month with homework and such, but I finally managed to finish up the semester just recently so I’m pretty much free now for a month lol. Nice to see ya on here by the way! Hope you’re doing well! ^-^

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    … But, at least you managed to fix him up then! :) Aww, well, that’s great to hear that you still love the plush regardless!
    Ahh, cool. Those names that you picked for them are very nice. And, I do like what their personalities are like. I do like what I’ve heard about the pomeranian “Griffin” so far XD Ohh, “Juneau” does sound like a pretty cool name for the husky. Ohh, I like how he’s a jazz singer lol. Hmm, I guess so? I dunno what my plans are yet though but I guess you can post a bio for them sometime after the New Year then.
    Wait, “Sprong”? XD sorry lol. I didn’t know it means leap in those languages though. But yeah, those names sound fine :) Ohh, Inca sounds cool for the bengal cat. Well, in any case, good luck on naming the rest of your new pets!
    Dude, you’re not bragging, it’s fine lol. I don’t really mind. Congrats on your new Signatures!
    Yeah, you too. Talk to ya soon, bud! ^-^