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    Heyy, Taffy! Oh, no worries, it’s totally fine anyway. Oh cool! Well in that case, go right ahead and post it next Thursday or Friday then! Aww really? That’s okay.. I wish you the best of luck on your huge assignment next week! \^-^/ You too, my friend! Ahh, yeah Happy Valentine’s Day to you as well! ^-^ <3 Aww, you're very welcome! (Oh by the way, just curious because I haven't gotten a chance to check your wall, but did you reply to my messages? I hope you can still manage to keep in touch with each other in the other game anyway. Maybe if I manage to see you on, I'll talk to you for a little bit if you want? I haven't gotten much of a chance to be on much lately, ahah XP But I do hope I get a chance to talk to you soon!)

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    Heya, moonie! Thanks for letting us know of what you got for gifts and what you did on Monday! I enjoyed reading about them, and I’m looking forward to reply to this! Unfortunately, I can’t reply to this right now since I gotta get off in a moment but I hope to get to this as soon as I can! In the meantime, thanks for letting us know, and I hope you have a good day, my friend! (By the way, I sent ya a gift on Webkinz a couple days ago, hope you enjoyed! XD)

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    …those two photos of Winston there. Ohh yeah, that’s cool XD
    And lastly, aww I love your photo of Emily, she looks absolutely adorable! I absolutely love the setting for the photo!
    All in all, I enjoyed replying to this! Sorry I had to make it short though, I don’t have much time in the moment ^^; Have a good day! ^-^

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    1. Purple
    2. Cats, and bunnies
    3. Uhh, I don’t really have a favorite dog breed, maybe Chihuahua and a Husky?
    4. Siamese
    5. spring (duh XD) I also like fall XD
    6. Uh well, I guess artistic, funny, and fun-loving.
    7. Household pets
    8. Daisy
    Ooh, okay. Yeah feel free to do that XD And finally, I loved looking at your photos! I’ll leave my thoughts on them here –
    First of all, I love looking at your Webkinz collection! Thanks so much for sharing it to us, that’s a lot of Webkinz there XD
    I also love the Barbara and Finn photo here, they look cute together like that ^-^
    Oh, hehe, Sherman looks cute in that photo! That is funny actually that he stands on a hat XD
    Aww, Reese looks so adorable! Hehe! I just love her pose! I also love Ann’s photo, I never realized how cute the plush looks! Ooh, gosh I love those two pups together, I think they look fitting! Lila looks so cute! Ooh, I love Cole here, he just looks cool standing there XD Ahh, I like…

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    Ah hey, CuteHeart! Terribly sorry for the delay for my response! ^^; I’ll try to finish this as soon as I can as I have other things to get to.. Oh that’s cool that you should be more active! Oh, well I’m doing good, thanks! Aww, yeah. I hope you feel better soon, my friend <3 Oh really? Sure, go ahead XD Oh uh, well… I think my favorite would have to be the Love Spaniel, I think it's such a cute looking plush XD Oh, heheh, well I'm not too terribly sure, but I think it might be a Signature Marble Cat? Idk, I've been thinking about getting one soon if they're still in stock and at a good price by then XD Oh yeah, the pug does seem cute! And I do like your Gingerbread bunny from what I've seen in the park, she looks so cute! ^-^ Oh, nah I don't. I don't really have any of the newer regular Webkinz plush actually.
    Ohh, okay. Well, I'm gonna go ahead and do the quiz then XD Here it goes – …

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    Heya, bud! :) Oh nah, it’s fine I totally get it. Oh yeah, how did your first major assignment go? Hope you did well! Oh, um I’m doing fine, thanks! How about you? Oh yeah, I just recently saw that you replied to my update, you didn’t really need to reply but thanks anyway XD (I just replied to ya on the other game last night, no idea if you saw or not, but yeah. Just thought of telling ya that in case lol. Thanks so much for letting me know btw! I was kinda getting worried if whether you’ll get to or not ^^;)
    Oh gosh, I like those names you choose for your new pets! Totally cute! ^-^ Ah yeah? Hmm yeah, I do get why it would be hard to decide on a name for that, and sure, I’d like to see a list of names!
    Ooh, really? Wow, you seem to get new Webkinz almost most of the time! Okay wow, I’m impressed you got the Signature Cow! o.o Oh okay, that’s cool! Aww, okay I love that name you gave…

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    …her! ^-^
    Wow, that’s cool that you got the Signature Labradoodle! Oh! I love the name “Graham”, I think you should totally use it XD Oh gosh really? That’s awesome it’s your 90th Signature! Count me impressed, I must say!
    Oh yeah? No worries, it’s fine. Ah yeah, I guess you can go ahead? I don’t know when’s the next time I’m gonna post something. Also… it’s fine that you probably won’t be as active here that much. As long as we still try to stay in touch with each other wherever, that’s all that matters in all honestly. :) By the way, I saw your newer update and I’ll try to reply to it soon, I gotta get off right now in a moment XP You too! I hope you had a good weekend, my friend! :)

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    …the park again someday! But, I do hope you get to see her again someday! ^-^ Also, I’ve seen emi like sometime after you left..
    Ah, that’s alright! It’s nice getting to see ya again! Thanks so much for visiting us! ^-^ Oh, me? Haha, well… I’ve gotten some new Webkinz, mostly virtual but yeah… And, I don’t know if you’ve seen them or not, but, I posted quite a lot of photos and drawings in the Share Center! It was fun getting to share those here XD And well… I’ve been doing college lately so that’s something… ;P well I actually started back in fall anyway, I’ve only just started to begin my new classes sometime last month which has been keeping me quite busy lately…
    But enough about that, how are ya doing lately? Hope you’ve been doing well! Thanks again for coming to visit us! I hope to see you again soon! And, have a good Wednesday and the rest of the week! ^-^

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    Oh my gosh, hey Lava!! I was excited when I saw your posts were moderating last night XD It’s nice to see ya here! ^-^ How are ya? :) Oh gosh, really? Yeah, that must be pretty long indeed… Aww, yeah… Gosh, I wish I joined earlier… I feel like I missed out on the fun from years ago… ;P Oh well, at least I’m here now in the meantime!
    Ahh yep… They still do that. Aww gosh yeah!! It was super nice getting to meet ya at the park this past Saturday! Yep, that’s me you have met XD Oh! I might as well have my short introduction for ya! I am SpringShimmer, but please call me Spring for short! I’ve been here on the forums for about a year now actually! It’s been very nice getting to meet them, I’ve made new friends! ^-^ It’s nice to meet ya as well! Hope to see you around again someday! ;D Ahh yeah, I have no idea when’s the next time I’ll get to see Taffy.. ;P but I hope she somehow shows up in…

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    …case to see if your other one was moderating. Anyway, I like that first drawing there! XD He does look like a pretty cool dude! I especially love his outfit! ^-^ And, oh my gosh, yes! I think that wolf would look pretty cool as a Webkinz! I love the design! X3 He looks like such an adorable looking wolf! ^-^
    All in all, I enjoyed looking at these drawings and leaving my thoughts on them! Your drawings are amazing! I always enjoyed looking at them! ;D Aww, no worries! That’s not a lot compared to others anyway XD Plus, I had no problem replying to this anyway. I know I didn’t have to comment on all the drawings, but I wanted to anyway XD Thanks again for sharing your drawings to us, emi! Have a great Wednesday and the rest of the week! ^-^

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    Heya emi! Ahh, no, not really ^^; not a fan of football so I didn’t see it. Oh really? That’s cool XD Ahh, yeah! I enjoyed looking at your drawings, and I can’t wait to leave my thoughts on them X) Thanks for letting us know!
    Ahh, yep, I remember you told me about that in the park. That’s kinda a shame that happened though… But regardless, I’m glad that splitting the image seems to work out well! ^-^ Yep, I did see the full image, I thought that was pretty cute actually XD you did a great job! It’s adorable! X3 Their expressions are well done! ^-^
    Ooh, okay I love how Olivia looks! So cute!! ^w^ Ahh, really? I think it looks fine but yeah I don’t mind seeing it remade digitally! That’d be nice to see! I thought the dress that she has on looks super pretty on her! XD Ahh, that’s cool! I think that’s pretty interesting! I think I remember seeing those two drawings before? Idk XD Ahh, okay. That was a good idea actually to submit those just in…

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    … Well, hopefully you’ve had a good break! And it’s totally fine if you won’t be that much active, I mean I haven’t been active here much lately ;P Oh, that’s cool! Yeah, thanks for the heads up! No problem! Have a good day and the rest of the week, my friend! ^-^

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    …photo ;) Ah yeah, I can tell the difference… Well, it’s amazing that you have those two deers! So cute ^-^
    Ohh, these are really nice here! Those two chimpanzees look cute here XD I love how they’re up in that tree hehe! ^w^ Honestly though, I think it’s pretty fitting that way! I think you did such a great job taking photos of those two!
    And lastly, aww gosh, I love the way Cornelius is posed in that photo! ^-^ He looks adorable! You’re right, I think the Small Signature Chimpanzee is a pretty cute Webkinz! I just love its face on the plush, it looks sweet! ^w^
    All in all, I have enjoyed looking at these photos! Thanks again for sharing your new photos to us! In all honestly, I love looking at your photos in general! XD Aww, it’s alright that some of them turned out to be blurry. To be fair, that’s what the Share Center does anyway… I know it happened to me as well to several photos of mine before.
    Ah yeah… That’s kinda hard to believe that actually! …

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    … (Alrighty, back to reply! Hope to finish this in time.) Ah, okay! So, those are the Marvel drawings, huh? Well, I’m not into Marvel but that’s pretty cool XD Those drawings are pretty cool though!
    Ooh, I like that old-fashioned Milton XD I think it’s pretty fitting and awesome with that black and white filter and the way he looks XD Ooh yeah, it does seem like something out of an old movie XD I think you did a great job on that photo! ^u^
    Aww gosh, Eleanor looks super cute! I love her design actually! She is such a cute looking Signature I’ve seen! ^-^ Aw yeah, that necklace makes her look pretty hehe ^-^
    Ooh, I love your group photo of the House Cats! It’s really nice getting to see all those cats together! ^-^ Aw gosh, you did a great job dressing some of them up! They look super cute!
    Oh, haha XD I love the title of the deer photo! XD Ohh, okay… It’s nice getting to see those two deers together! I love the way they’re posed in this…

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    … (Ah whoops, I was supposed to reply underneath my first reply before, oh well :P) Aww, okay I’m not a fan of Frozen but I think it’s great that you got some merchandise of it! I love that plush next to Olaf! He looks pretty cute actually, hehe XD I also like that Olaf keychain, I thought that’s pretty cute to add that! ^-^ Ah, yeah that necklace looks cool haha!
    Ooh, that’s nice that you got the Ravenclaw necklace! That looks pretty cool! And aww, I love the hat your sister crocheted for you! That’s pretty cute! ^-^
    [Ah, I think that’s all I’ll have to type for now, I gotta get off in a moment.. I’ll finish this up later tonight if I can!]