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    … Anyway, hope you guys enjoy my latest art! And once again, happy Halloween to everyone! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・ Have a good weekend! ^-^

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    ‘ello, y’all! Sorry this is kinda out of nowhere, but I’ve recently submitted some of my art on Share Center! It looks like they’ve approved it as of this morning, so I’ll go ahead and drop the links for them below, hope you guys enjoy them! I’ve pretty much made these over these past couple of days, and it was kinda tough trying to get all these done before the weekend lol. Also, I purposely made these to be stylized compared to my usual art, which was pretty fun haha, I just thought I wanted to change things up a little lol.
    Anyway, here they are! –
    https://share.ganzworld.com/fanart?id=82911 (Marigold Latte)
    https://share.ganzworld.com/fanart?id=82913 (Sunny Peach)
    https://share.ganzworld.com/fanart?id=82915 (Pastel Goth Peacestar)
    https://share.ganzworld.com/fanart?id=82917 (Spooky Candy)
    https://share.ganzworld.com/fanart?id=82919 (Midnight Luna 2022)
    Anddd, that’s about all I have for this batch of art, I hope to make more of these soon over these next few weeks! Oh yeah, and happy Halloween everyone! I don’t think I drew anything Halloween related for the Share Center last year, so that’s pretty much kind of the reason why I’ve made three of them for this year lol.

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    Heyyyy! Sorry I just happened to reply to this now :P Anyway, ooh that’d be cool if you started another roleplay! Your roleplays seemed pretty fun from what I’ve read heheh ,XD Ooh, so you’ve been writings songs and drawing lately? That sounds pretty fun and cool! XD I should really draw more honestly, especially for the Share Center, it’s just been kinda hard to get some motivation for that tho ,XD Ohh, okay! That sounds a pretty fun roleplay then! Oh yeah, sure! As for suggestions for what pets of mine to use, you can use Kayla and Lavender Mist. They seem like they’d fit in fine for the story that you’re doing. Either way, I’m looking forward as to how the story will turn out! :D (And oh yeah, I posted my replies to that Olive Garden roleplay, you can look for my replies on my profile page, please feel free to tell me what I should do regarding the roleplay, I know I’ve made some mistakes which was kinda embarrassing to look at, sorry about that eheh ^^’ I’ll try to remember for my future replies tho! Thanks!)

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    Shoot, I just realized I forgot to include the numbers, sorry ahah, these are just three comments that should be in order anyway hopefully? But yeah, sorry, like I said, I’m new to this so I’m learning ,XD I’ll make sure to include the numbers next time tho.

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    … The wolf was all wet and there was a husky next to her, who appeared to be the reason why she was out there. “Come on, Lavender, we’re going inside now!” Sugar Sprinkle said, as Kayla opened the door for her. Lavender observed the wolf if silence. “Well, I gotta go now, so uh, bye!! Lots of popcorn, marshmallows, candy & confetti to you!” she said, throwing some random party confetti with candy at the wolf. “Don’t worry, be happyyyyyy!!” Lavender yelled as she skipped happily inside. Kayla glared at her. “Stop being so obnoxious. Now let’s find a seat.” They all waited for a waiter to come attend to them. (Hopefully that was an okay reply! ^^’ This is my first time roleplaying, eheh.) (Also… I’m assuming it’s fine for me to just drop my replies here down below? @_xPho3nyxblade318x_ said it was fine and she said I could join so I think so?? Feel free to tell me what I should do tho otherwise ahah ^^;)

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    “I wonder what’s up? Either way, I can’t wait to enjoy a nice meal.” “Beats me,” Kayla muttered. “I’ll just be glad to eat some Signature House Soup after this rain & then read a good book.” Lavender Mist’s ears perked up. “A MYSTERY!!??” the young unicorn exclaimed. “Omigosh, omigosh, OMIGOSH!! That’s SO cool! Imagine it! We could be the three musketeers & solve mysteries around the world, and Kayla could write BOOKS about us!! We would become SO famous! Also, what’s ‘Signature Horse Soup?’” Lavender Mist was in La La Land dreaming about becoming a famous detective. Kayla rolled her eyes. “If it’s Kailie’s business, I don’t think we should interfere unless she wants us to.. after all, it *does* revolve around her ex’s business,” she said bluntly. “And it’s Signature HOUSE Soup.” “Oh man, Signature Horse Soup, funny.” Sugar Sprinkle laughed. Lavender Mist returned to a gloomy state. “Oh.. BUT, if she DOES need help, I’ll gladly help her!” ~~the trio of friends finally arrived at Olive Garden. Lavender Mist noticed a stressed out White Cosmic Wolf to the side. “Hey, what’s wrong? :( Are you sad?” she asked the wolf. …

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    Lavender Mist was skipping happily along the sidewalk in the rain with her friends Sugar Sprinkle & Kayla. “Oh. my. gosh! Can you BELIEVE Olive Garden FINALLY has Flamin’ Hot Cheeto soup??” Lavender Mist asked, looking at the two. “I saw it on the Olive Garden app! It’s going to be SO delicious!” “Ah, really?” Sugar Sprinkle said, looking intrigued. “That sounds.. interesting.” Kayla, on the other hand, didn’t look too pleased. “That sounds disgusting,” she said, shaking her head. “I’m glad you could come along with us, Kayla!” Sugar Sprinkle said to her wolf friend. “I thought you had to work?” Kayla looked up at the raindrops streaming down on the trio. “Ohh, yeah. I took the day off because I got a text from Kailie.” Kailie was Kayla’s husky cousin who shared her Flamin’ Hot Cheeto hate. “Apparently she accidentally sent a text to a lot of people to meet her at Olive Garden because she’s solving a mystery there to prove that it’s a bad restaurant? I don’t know, I just thought that was interesting because Kailie doesn’t ever go to Olive Garden or even like the chain.” Kailie continued. “Interesting!” Sugar Sprinkle said. …

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    Heyo! Just want to say that I recently adopted my new bunny on Webkinz Next with the diamonds that I have saved up for a while. Her name is Marigold Latte, and she’s so cute! I quite like the bunny haha XD And oh yeah, here’s a pic of her – https://share.ganzworld.com/fanart?id=82721
    Oh! And @_xPho3nyxblade318x_, here’s the pic that I took of us wearing the pastel goth outfit last night XD – https://share.ganzworld.com/fanart?id=82719 I had fun with that lol.

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    Hey bud! Pfft hahaa, I love that bio you made XD I’d say it’s a pretty good one considering what type of name that pet has lol. And ooh, cool! That’s so cool you got those wolves!! I love the names you choose for them, they’re so cool! Congrats on getting them!

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    @_xPho3nyxblade318x_ Hey look what I got the other day XD – https://share.ganzworld.com/fanart?id=82703
    Thanks for reminding me to get that outfit the other day, I love it lol.

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    Hey!! Oooh yeah, you should!! I’d love to read your new bios! Ahh, I’m not sure which pet, but I’m fine with anyone! XD

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    Hey hey, buddy! :D Ohh, you got your braces recently? How do you feel about them so far? Those are pretty cool colors you’ve picked for your braces though, haha XD Oh gosh, is it really fall, already? o.o Honestly yeah, it still mostly feels like summer to me as well pfft. Uhh, not much, besides doing school and playing games, I haven’t really been up to much lately :P Aww, sorry to hear about the string on your violin :/ Well hopefully you can get that fixed then! And oh cool that you can sing pffthaha XD Haha really? XD That’s crazy indeed lol.

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    Hey buddy! Nice seeing ya be more active on here again! Pfft yes, we know you have a Skillet obsession XD Oh gosh… don’t remind me that those holidays are near :o That’s kinda crazy tho lol. This year has went by pretty fast actually haha. Well, it’s been nice hearing from ya again! What have you been up to lately? I hope to hear more from ya again sometime soon! :)

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    Oop, nevermind that. Anyway, I’ll try to reply to this soon.

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    Soo, I’m assuming this is one of the reasons why you haven’t replied back to my question asking if you can do two chats this week yet? I guess this week won’t work for you after all, then… :( I’ll reply to this later, but I just want to let you know about that.