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    …a bit of the darkish brown… It’s quite hard to see actually… But, I do like it! I think the design looks pretty cute and fitting! You did a pretty good job on it! In all honestly, I quite like most of the designs that you posted! ^-^ Oh, I’ve been doing well, thanks! I hope you’ve been doing well as well, CuteHeart! And you too! Have a great rest of the week! <3 ^-^

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    Hiya, CuteHeart! Ah yeah? That’s alright, I know a lot has been posted lately… ^^; Oof, I hope you didn’t mind that I posted about my drawings above you! You can check that out if you want to. :) This is actually the first time that I decided to post about my drawings… Ooh, that’s awesome to know! I know you talked about it for quite a bit this past Saturday when we were at a group park chat! So, that’s great to know that you decided to start a series of Webkinz designs! I think it sounds pretty neat and a lot of fun! ^-^ Oh yes, I like your Fairykinz designs! They looked pretty stunning to look at! Ah, that’s neat! I quite like the idea of making it a mix of a Bernese, Poodle, and Pumi! I think it looks quite cute and good! Oh, sure that’d be fine! Um, well I can’t really decide on a name to be honest… So, I have no idea… But I’m sure others have ideas! ^-^ Ah yeah? I thought it was all black for a sec, then I zoomed in and saw quite…

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    …guy is quite fun to draw to be honest!
    And the last of these pictures… https://share.ganzworld.com/fanart?id=58919, this here is “Lavender Mist” my Lil Purple Spring Unicorn, one of my main Webkinz pets (though I’ve been playing as “Starshine” more recently)! She is wearing one of those outfits that I did back in like spring this year? I keep changing outfits for several of my Webkinz so yeah… :P
    Alright, I think that’s it for this update! Gosh, I’m sorry for the length! Hope you guys don’t mind! If you want to, I’d like to hear your thoughts on these drawings of mine! Just take your time on replying to this, everyone! I know this is pretty long, eheh… I’ve spent quite a lot of time typing this… This might be the longest length I’ve ever posted in terms of updates here. In the meantime, I hope you guys have a wonderful Wednesday and the rest of the week! ^-^

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    …I don’t know why, but I didn’t like the way the drawing is sometime after I finished it. But, hopefully you guys will like it regardless?
    https://share.ganzworld.com/fanart?id=58911, sixth drawing, self-explanatory in the description in the SC.
    https://share.ganzworld.com/fanart?id=58913, seventh one, I’ve gotten this idea of drawing Spongebob and Patrick as ponies XD I think I’m quite pleased with Spongebob’s pony design! I hope you guys don’t mind this… ^^; I just think this idea sounds cute! ^-^
    https://share.ganzworld.com/fanart?id=58915, this is the eighth one, for this one, I drew “Sugar Sprinkle” my Bubblegum Cheeky Cat, Along with that, I also drew Rocko and Spunky (he’s from the same show Rocko)! I drew these over a month ago. I quite like the way Spunky is drawn, I’m not too sure on the colors for Rocko though… Might want to improve more on that. Also, I went through multiple redraws for “Sugar Sprinkle” to make sure it looks right for me :)
    https://share.ganzworld.com/fanart?id=58917, yes another one… This time it’s my Sparkling Mouse”Starshine”! I think I drew her back in late July? Also, if you noticed I drew another SpongeBob XD I just think that…

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    …I think I did somewhat of a good job on Bubbles? I apologize if they look odd.. ^^; I tried to finish them in time so that’s why :P Also, I apologize if the colors don’t look right..
    Another one that I drew in the same paper as the last one, https://share.ganzworld.com/fanart?id=58905, I have drawn Blossom from PPG. ^-^ I tried to make sure to include my Webkinz plush next to the drawing, so I hope you guys still like it regardless of me having to include my Webkinz plush in order for it to get moderated. I know it kinda takes out details of the drawing… :P Also, I don’t know if you guys noticed, but I drew a little Patrick Star in some of those drawings XD
    Another one is a drawing of Spongebob and Patrick https://share.ganzworld.com/fanart?id=58907, I drew these guys a month ago, it was pretty fun trying to draw them for the first few times! I think I got the colors right for SpongeBob? I might want to work more on the colors of Patrick though…
    Also another thing, https://share.ganzworld.com/fanart?id=58909, yeah another Spongebob, this time it’s bubbles XD…

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    Hi, everyone! ^-^ First of all, I just want to say my drawings got approved this morning thankfully! Thankfully, I got to submit them in time! These are all 10 photos I believe, this might be the longest set of photos that I’ve posted to the SC so far XD But, I hope you guys like them regardless. :)
    First of all, here is my drawing of my two Webkinz pets “SnowFrost” (I think that’s her name?) the Eskimo Pup and “Shimmer” the Tiger Lily Kitten
    https://share.ganzworld.com/fanart?id=58901, I spent quite a lot of time on “Shimmer” in terms of coloring her and I think I did a good job of trying to make the colors look accurate to the online virtual by mixing red and orange on some parts of her. And I think I shaded well for “SnowFrost”, I was trying to make sure she has light blue shading on her fur.
    Secondly, here’s the link: https://share.ganzworld.com/fanart?id=58903, my drawing of the Webkinz Pegasus, she has quite a few sparkles here. Along with her, I also drew Bubbles and Buttercup from PPG (Powerpuff Girls)! …

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    …since the last time I saw him, either on here in the forums, or a park chat… Ah ha, it’s okay! I certainly don’t mind the length anyway! :) But yeah, I do get what you mean about wanting these posts to be shorter but it all of a sudden turns out to be longer than intended… :/ It’s quite annoying how that happens XP You’re welcome, moonie! Thanks again for letting us know about your new Webkinz pet! ^-^ I hope you’ve been enjoying him! And oh, it’s alright, I understand! Just take your time on replying to stuff ;) I know you’ve been pretty busy lately. I hope you had a great weekend, my friend! And I hope you have a great Tuesday evening and Wednesday! ^-^

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    … Anyway back to reply, I think it’s amazing that you’ve been on Webkinz for that long! That’s quite a long time I must say! ^-^ Ah, sure that’d be nice! That’d be pretty great to post it in honor of your anniversary! Ah yeah? That’d be fine with me, I know you’ve been meaning to post more bios soon! Hmmm…. I don’t really have a preference for which one of your pets… So… I don’t really mind either day which pets you choose first! :) And sure, I think posting one at a time will work! It’s fine, thanks for letting us know in advance! ^^ Ohhh yeah, speaking of which, I hope you had fun with your friend this past Friday! I actually didn’t come to a park chat this past Friday actually… Nobody even came anyway. :P It was pretty fun getting to chat with yah this past Saturday! It was nice getting to see and chat with CuteHeart one last time before she gets more busy with her volleyball games… It was also nice getting to see Lucky again! It’s been quite a while…

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    [Ah, I’m gonna have to finish up the rest of my response later! Sorry! But I’ll make sure to reply again later tonight once I’m back home from my classes :) ]

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    … I can imagine it’s quite soft and pretty adorable! Those details you stated about him seems pretty nice and cute! Ah, I have the Panama Sloth that I have won almost two years ago! I don’t have the plush just the virtual, but yeah… That sloth is quite adorable!! Glad to hear that you’re happy that you got your new Webkinz! ^u^ Ooh, that’s nice. I think “Caesar” sounds pretty fitting, especially since it’s from that series of movies that you stated about! I don’t think I ever heard of those before? But I do think that name is pretty unique! Oh, sure! I’d like to see a picture of him soon! I’m looking forward to see what he looks like! :) Oh yeah? Well, I’d be looking forward to seeing those photos of your non-Webkinz stuffed wolves! I am quite looking forward to the next time you post your SC photos! ^-^ Whoa… that’s awesome that your Webkinz anniversary is coming up in about a month! ….

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    Alright then, I’m back to reply! Sorry for the wait, moonie!! I would of posted my response last night but I somehow gotten pretty busy, plus I needed to finish quite a few drawings of mine actually… ^^; I probably won’t finish this reply this afternoon before I’m off for class, so if that happens, I’ll make sure to reply once I’m back from class and it’ll be up by tomorrow (Wednesday) morning! Anyway…. howdy there, moonie! XD Oh yes, I don’t mind, I always enjoy reading your updates! <3 Ah ha, that’s fine! ^-^ Ooh, that’s awesome that you gotten a new Webkinz!! I’ve been pretty excited to read your update about it! Aww, it’s fine I do understand! I have done the same thing before actually… I still haven’t posted about two Webkinz that I have gotten from medallions back in June. I’m gonna have to post about that soon actually, once I get outfits for them of course, as I haven’t done that yet… WHOA, a Signature Chimpazee! That’s quite awesome!! Ah, that’s great to know that you gotten it a decent price! That’s a good deal! ^-^ …

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    It’s fine, Taffy! I do understand! Hopefully you had fun doing things with your grandma.. It was pretty fun getting to chat with you for a while! ^-^ Make sure to check out Rocko’s Modern Life, The Powerpuff Girls, and that recent anniversary special of SpongeBob (I told you the title of that in our thread ;) ) soon! And maybe let me know since I told you about that place XD Hopefully, we’ll do a chat again soon? Sorry if this is kinda random to ask, I’m not 100 percent sure if I’ll be able to post about my drawings tomorrow morning? It depends if they’re moderated by Wednesday or so… But uh, anyway, I’m not too sure if next week will somehow work for you, but since Wednesdays are probably taken from now on :s, I’m not sure if that is just a one time thing or not.. Maybe we can do it Sunday or Monday? I’m not totally sure if Sunday works for you, but uh yeah… Let me know anyway. Sorry for asking this, I know this seems kind of random.. ^^; But uh yeah, thanks for chatting with me, Taffy! That was pretty fun! XD

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    You’re welcome! ^-^ Ah, alright then! Thanks! Sure! Yep, 4 KT the usual time of course :) Hope to see you there later this afternoon! See yah! ^-^

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    Oh, hey there, emi! :) Um… I’m not too sure about next week, actually… Because well, I’m planning to post about my drawings next Wednesday or Thursday (whichever one works best for me…). I’m not sure if you saw my Periwinkle update on page 141, but I mentioned about posting my drawings on that update.. So, I guess whichever one works good for you.. I’ve been meaning to post my drawings for quite a while now.. I hope you don’t mind? But sure, I won’t mind if you post a bio next week! Yeah, splitting them up seems like a good idea. Sorry if this doesn’t make sense XP You too! Have a good Friday and the weekend! ^-^

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    (Hiya, moonie! ^-^ Just want to say I enjoyed reading your update! Congrats on getting your new Webkinz! Hope you’re enjoying him! I reply to this right now but unfortunately, I don’t think I’ll be able to finish replying to this before comments stops moderating for today and the weekend. :/ But anyway, I’ll try to make sure to reply to this sometime Monday! And, thanks for letting us know you won’t be at a park chat this Friday, I hope you have fun with your friend! ^-^ I hope to see you at the group chat tomorrow (Saturday) maybe? I’ll try to make it this Saturday! I hope you have a great day and enjoy your weekend, my friend! ^u^ <3)