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Introducing the all-new Webkinz.



In 2005 Ganz introduced Webkinz and changed the world of toys forever. With a line of lovable plush and an exciting online world that brought the toys to life, Webkinz has been enjoyed by millions of kids, teens, and parents around the world.

Now we’re going to do it all over again. An exciting new Webkinz World, created from the ground up for a new generation of players and devices with tons of improvements and exciting new features…





Pets in Webkinz are now better than ever! They look better and move better, with richer emotions. And your pet goes with you everywhere! Even when you play games at the arcade your pet will be with you to cheer you on.






Yes, we did it. Now your pets can combine their Sparks to create all new baby pets! Babies combine features of their parents and may also get unique colors and features all their own.

Every baby has rarity as well. Will yours be a rare or super-rare?

Then bring your baby home and care for it. Feed it, sing to it, play with it… even clean up after it.

Your baby will also make requests. Watch for Growth Moment requests… complete enough of these and your baby will grow (if you’d like) into a Kid Pet… then into a Full Grown Pet with Sparks of its own! Combine pets through the generations to create incredible – and super cute – babies. With billions of combinations, how will your baby look?







Webkinz has always had the most exciting home-building system in any virtual world, and now it’s even better!

First, it’s an actual home! All your rooms are connected, with yards automatically added as your family grows. So now your windows show what’s outside and doors can be added, moved, and changed! No need to load your home map. Jump between rooms with a simple zoom out!



And how about editing? Every item can be placed where you want and how you want. Is there room on the table for one more glass? Place it! Place items on fireplace mantles, dressers, kitchen counters – even shelves! Are you an advanced decorator? Then turn on our all-new Advanced Mode and we’ll turn off the grid for perfect item placement and full item rotation!







Forget flat clothing, now all of our clothing is fully 3D and can be enjoyed from any angle! Expand your options with backpacks, necklaces, and bracelets.

And you’ll always see your pet dressed – in the dock, in Kinzville, even in games – with no restrictions on when or where your pet can change their clothes!







In Original Webkinz hanging with other players and chatting were restricted to only a few areas. In the new Webkinz we’re always social. Chat anywhere, visit your friends at any time and invite them to join you anywhere, not just your home.



However you like to play – on your PC, on a phone or on an iPad – you’ll always be playing the exact same game with the same items and same events!




The new Webkinz is completely new. Right now you’ll be getting in on the ground floor and watching our new game blossom and grow! It truly is an exciting time to play!





Original Webkinz is now Webkinz Classic! We love Webkinz Classic as much as you and we will be supporting the game with all of the new pets, new room themes, fun events and exciting prizes that you’ve loved all these years. With the Webkinz Classic Desktop App, PC and Mac players will be able to enjoy Webkinz Classic for years to come!




If you play the Webkinz Classic, you’re already signed up! That’s right, download Webkinz today and log in with your existing Webkinz User Name and Password and we’ll get you all set up to play!


So come, Join the Family! Download Webkinz on PC, iOS or Android (MacOS coming soon) and begin a new journey of fun, family and play!


319 Responses to Join the Family

  1. DHGACCOUNT says:

    Hi! I am trying to get the app on my Mac and every time I try to launch the app it says “Checking for Updates” and closes the app. I’ve tried redownloading the app several times and the same thing keeps occurring. TIA!

    • Sally Webkinz says:

      Try deleting all of the Webkinz files before downloading fresh from and then reinstalling. Make sure you have a stable internet connection. If your wifi is flakey, try to move closer to the router.

      • DHGACCOUNT says:

        I tried that. The farthest I have gotten with opening the app now is to a message that says “This application requires the Adobe Flash Player to play. Please download and install the player before continuing.”, and this confuses me because I thought the desktops apps were made because of Adobe ending.

        • Sally Webkinz says:

          If you are receiving that message, you are still getting the old version. If you’re using the same browser each time, try using a different one before downloading the app again.

  2. BirdBird says:

    Are there going to be new “world name” options? I kind of don’t want to make an account and select a name if there will be better options. For instance, I notice “pink” and “purple”, should we expect more color options?

  3. FashionCat says:

    Can you please do something ons goolge play, ik cant play on it

  4. sarahbarahohio says:

    Downloaded the new version of Webkinz, and it is not allowing me to login using my old account. I typed in both my password and username correctly, would love any help on the matter.

  5. mom052863 says:

    I can’t log in AGAIN!!!!!! Is this going to be an ongoing problem?

  6. mdlm1953 says:

    Decided to give it a try but it says I need Windows 10. I don’t use windows 10, tried it and hated it. (windows 10 that is)

  7. st0atk1ng says:


  8. G_Smith522 says:

    Will the classic mobile app still be available or will it be turned into the new webkinz?

  9. asdf78j says:

    Hello, I currently play Webkinz Classic just in a regular internet browser, is that ability going to go away at some point and everything will just be the new downloadable game? I understand that I will have my same account on the new game, but will I still have all my pets, items, rooms, etc? I would hate to lose everything I already have and start over….

    • Sally Webkinz says:

      You won’t be able to play through a browser, no, because browsers are removing Flash support. You can continue to play Webkinz Classic through the Desktop App, which is just another way to access your existing account, which is saved to our servers. While the new Webkinz lets you keep your username, it is otherwise not linked. Think of the Webkinz Desktop App as a custom browser to let you play Webkinz

  10. shilohfriess says:

    I have a question. I logged in with my old webkinz into the new webkinz and i got an email saying that it made another parent’s account. Will this affect my old parent account in some way?

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