American German Shepherd

Better behave, because the American German Shepherd is on patrol! Help them zoom around town with an official Puppy Patrol Motorcycle, a big help to any police pup! Of course, after all that hard work it’s important to take a break, so be sure to pick them up a delicious Off-Duty Donut to go before they motor away again!

43 Responses to American German Shepherd

  1. spencerm1140 says:

    ohhh i want it

  2. MrDragon123 says:

    I’m getting this for my friend! She LOVES German Shepards, and I made a care package to go with the stuffed animal containing toys,food, clothes, a card and a certificate! I hope she likes it

  3. MyLittlePony2010EG13 says:

    MICHAEL!!!!!!!!! *SMILES* He’d be the best police ever!!!!!!!!!!

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