Bengal Tiger

Earn your stripes when you adopt the majestic Bengal Tiger! This fantastic feline is the perfect pet for a ferociously fun friendship! Be on the prowl for Gaur Garbour to feed their hunger and watch them take a nice long nap in their Rock Ledge Bed!

13 Responses to Bengal Tiger

  1. 594nat says:

    Mine is named Simon, I love his soft fur.

  2. rheadragon says:

    I am naming mine Phantom!

  3. alexispanda208 says:

    I fell bad, they are an endangered species. :(

  4. TigerKinzKG says:

    i have one! i named him Toby

  5. meekusbrint says:

    I love mine her name is kate!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! she is my favorite and most used so say hi to her at the park

  6. jaybones says:

    I have him! his name is Bruno hes my 3rd or 4rth webkinz

  7. PinkiePuppylover says:

    i want to get one and name i Timber…… some people think it’s a weird name. i love the song!

    • Fracktail says:

      It’s not weird! Mine is named Egypt and he’s got the Egyptian room theme (as well as the pharaoh outfit). I wish I could change his name so that I could call him Tutankatmen. Puns :’D

  8. Fracktail says:

    He looks so majestic!

  9. sadie27 says:

    this was my first pet

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