Betta Fish

This freshwater friend is as happy as can be under the sea! The Betta Fish is full of energy and has a punchy personality with a passion for fitness. You’re most likely to find the boxing Betta training on its Fins of Stone Punching Bag and loading up on nutritious Mosquito Burritos!

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  1. TheGassyPotato says:

    i love fish keeping, but it makes me really sad how people who aren’t aware of cycling a tank, water changes and the nitrogen cycle, minimum gallons, filters, etc. and just think a fish can stay in a bowl. for example, goldfish can be a foot long and need at least a 20 gallon tank for 1 fish

    • EverEverOn says:

      Fishkeeping is a huge hobby of mine as well, and it breaks my heart to see people buying fish without doing their research. I’ve seen people walk out of pet stores with a betta (sometimes multiple) with a tiny 1 gallon tank. And there’s no way that tank is going to be cycled when the fish it put in it. I think part of the problem is the fact that most pet stores don’t give reliable information, if any at all, and most people are too lazy to do their own research. Plus most people see a fish as replaceable rather than a pet that can live for years with the proper care.

  2. Fracktail says:

    I’ve had betta fish in real life! They were all named after letters of the Greek alphabet. :P

  3. PinkiePuppylover says:

    i had a real one but it died : ( his name was Frank now i have a new real one named Stormy

  4. Pinkroses9872002 says:

    I want a Betta fishy wishy! My your cute!

  5. happyfeet36912 says:

    I think my cousins got me one : }

  6. kyleegrumbling says:

    I want one

    • happyfeet36912 says:

      ME TO!

      • migrubbs says:

        Me too. I have this pet on my list and can’t wait to get it one day. And I’m naming mine Kevin from Back to the Sea movie.

        • BrightnSinging2Carrots says:

          I like the name Kevin! Which movie is Back to the Sea?

          • migrubbs says:

            Kevin, a young flying fish, lives in the New York harbor. He dreams of leading his family back to Barbados-the mythical kingdom of the flying fish. One fateful day his adventurous nature finds him captured by a fishing ship and delivered to the fish tank of a famous restaurant in New York city’s Chinatown, where he meets a quiet young boy who also longs for excitement and adventure. The two become fast friends and begin a daring quest to get Kevin back home to the sea.

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