Blossom Giraffe

You’ll bloom with joy when you meet the adorable Blossom Giraffe! A friendly pet who loves their garden, they adore hopping into their beloved, all-natural Flower Power Shower after an afternoon’s work! When everyone’s refreshed and ready to hang out, of course they’ll go for a delicate snack or two, like a crumbly Petal Pastry, their favorite!

25 Responses to Blossom Giraffe

  1. notwen says:

    I named mine Alabama. I got her at Five Below while she was still pet of the month.

  2. mowhawkpuppy6045 says:

    ahhh totally getting it

  3. craftfun says:

    ive been eyeing this pet! im planning to get her very soon!:)

  4. BABWPrincess says:

    I want this! I love giraffes and the colors and design are beautiful! Pink is my favorite color!

  5. Lilgirl101 says:

    i have her. her name is BLOSSOM.

  6. gcate7 says:

    I got her for Christmas Eve last year I named her angel bloom

  7. irishmallon says:

    Where can I find this pet? I really want it. Shes so cute!!!!

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