Blue Whale

No pet knows how to be a friend quite like a whale! This gentle giant will get along well with any Webkinz, no matter how big or small. You’re sure to have a ton of fun with your true blue pal!

15 Responses to Blue Whale

  1. shuggylay says:

    I have this pet! I got him for Christmas last year. I named him Moby after the famous “Moby Dick”.

  2. BrightnSinging2Carrots says:

    I have this pet, but I have NO idea what to name him.

  3. migrubbs says:

    I’m getting this pet for my cousin Kathleen’s baby boy. I’m letting him keep the plush while I keep the code. I’m naming this pet Moby Dick.

  4. kinzcollect911 says:

    i have one i named him agua

  5. meekusbrint says:

    I got one like as my fourth webkinz. her name is corel

  6. playinglil says:

    i have him named him Henry the hairy blue whale ;P

  7. puppypower04 says:

    my mom just got me one and I just logged her in, her name is Breeze and I love her so much its crazy! :)

  8. 594nat says:

    I finally found one! Since I couldn’t think of a good name I called him Bob!

  9. Fracktail says:

    There should be a Webkinz beluga whale; belugas are adorable!

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