Brilliant Tuxedo Kitty

Meet a sharp dresser with a taste for the finer things in life: the Brilliant Tuxedo Kitten! With an interest in cutting-edge style, glitz and glam, this kitty doesn’t go anywhere without their handy Sleek Sequin Armoire, the best place to store their slickest threads! And if they need a break while deciding what to wear, hand them a Perfectly Purple Punch – a refreshing choice for any fashion fanatic!

79 Responses to Brilliant Tuxedo Kitty

  1. FoxesRule612 says:

    This surely can’t be a cat!! I mean, look at it–it’s totally a Brilliant Bandit/Tuxedo Cat hybrid (and it inherited more of the Raccoon genes XD)

  2. 7199 says:

    OMG!! SO CUTE (kinda.)

  3. opal13mlm says:

    Um, this is a Raccoon though..?

  4. creek4kids says:

    How can I get her and when was she even available?

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