Bubblegum Mammoth

Who rules over the neon pink jungle? It's the sweet Bubblegum Mammoth! A gentle giant who loves to make friends, this prehistoric puffball adores having a chat on their Super Sticky Sofa (just be careful not to get stuck!). Plus, don't be surprised if they offer you a bite of their absolute favorite treat, a tasty Bubblegum Sundae!

34 Responses to Bubblegum Mammoth

  1. HeavenFire25 says:

    i wish it was a plush so bad!

  2. HeavenFire25 says:

    if i had that pet i would totally name it Berry-Lyn

  3. BrightnSinging2Carrots says:

    Too cute! It would be a good friend for my Bubblegumasaurus!

  4. Davids1lilpixie says:

    I’m really hoping that I see the bubblegum mammoth in the store again, I’d like a chance to buy him!

  5. iloveGod12 says:

    Ok . . . . I normally don’t like mammoths, but this one’s really cute!!!!

  6. rootbeerfloat07 says:

    It goes perfect with my cotton candy bunny.

  7. ilovewebkinz452 says:


  8. Fracktail says:

    There’s a neon pink jungle somewhere?! No wonder that mammoth looks so content. It’s just like, “Ha ha, I rule over a neon pink jungle. Wanna go get some ice cream?” Just…nonchalantly smiling. Bubblegum Mammoth is the most laid-back mammoth in the galaxy.

  9. migrubbs says:

    I got this month and named her Sticky.

  10. bunnywunny04 says:

    The bubblegum mammoth looks so cute!!!!

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