Candy Apple Camel

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6 Responses to Candy Apple Camel

  1. Fracktail says:

    Hey, a camel! Those aren’t too common in Webkinz, haha.

  2. migrubbs says:

    I have this pet on my list and can’t wait to get it one day. And I’m naming her Sugar Apple from My Little Pony.

    • BrightnSinging2Carrots says:

      Oh my! You totally caught me off-guard! I forgot that Sugar Apple was one of the Candy Cane Ponies (and I also forgot how “sugar” was spelled–oops!). I think I need to review them a bit more. ;)

      • hippogirl4 says:

        If you like camels and have a sweet tooth look no further. This sweet, faithful, camel is ready for adventure and excitement!

        • hippogirl4 says:

          If you like camels there is no reason to not like this lovely or hansome creature. There sweetness and faithfullness is amazing! You will have many adventures with this creature, so get ready!

  3. kitten1234 says:

    you don’t need candy apples when you have the candy apple camel! it will sit back, relax and enjoy caramelted apple pie while playing!!

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