Charming Panda

The Charming Panda is one beguiling bear! They will just love to play the day away on their Bamboo Chute Swing, and there is nothing they enjoy more than snacking on some tasty Bamboo Biscuits!

9 Responses to Charming Panda

  1. 594nat says:

    I have one named Peter. His fur is super soft! :-)

  2. icestorm13 says:

    IT’S PO!!!! XD XD XD XD (I watched Kung Fu Panda yesterday. I love that movie. :D )

  3. Fracktail says:

    I love its cartoony proportions! :D

  4. pinkymai04 says:

    I love her I am trying to save the giant panda thy are an endangered speices

  5. alexispanda208 says:

    I love pandas they are endangered their are less then 2,000 left.

  6. migrubbs says:

    I have this pet on my list and can’t wait to get it one day. And it’s in the W-shop under $5. And I’m naming her Penny Ling from Littlest Pet Shop.

  7. Stickerdog8 says:

    I have one of these! It’s SOOOO cute!! It’s the next pet of the month so I’m waiting to enter the code until September so I can get bonus prizes! It’s so cuddly also! It should be called the Cuddly Panda.

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