Cheer Pup

Are you ready to cheer? The Cheer Pup sure is! They love to encourage their favorite team with their personal Confetti Launcher, sure to rev up the crowd! And when it’s halftime and they’re ready for a mid-game meal, of course they’ll jump for joy when they taste a delicious serving of Rah Rah Ravioli!

17 Responses to Cheer Pup

  1. TheChocolatepup says:

    Oh my gosh, I want it! The pup looks sooooo adorable! ^-^

  2. coconutwebkinz1 says:

    I am either gonna name her sprinkles or sparkles!!

  3. Aveygirl says:

    I would name her Confetti Canon, CeeCee for short. The idea for this name came to me because of prprprprp. Thanks!

  4. puppypower04 says:

    i have to have this pet! if i got her i would name her Mandy or Cheer or something idk

  5. CountryKinz17 says:

    Need it!

  6. prprprprp says:

    Hi everyone! I’m back with more Webkinz pet names, this time for the Cheer Pup! Here they are: Cheerful, Cheerleader, Pom Poms, Bubblegum, Cheer, Confetti, Linda, Chessie, or Cotton Candy! Hope that helps! :) Make sure to read the other comments under each Webkinz in the Kinzapedia for more name suggestions from me, prprprprp!! :D Enjoy! :)

  7. cupcakekinz says:

    Oh my, I just love this Webkinz and absolutely want to collect it, and have all the puppies! :D I like the Webkinz puppies :-) They’re so colorful and….. happy.

  8. jean3bear says:

    Priceless i agree even if its only us that think the Cheer pup is CUTE we should still Cheer for the Cheer pup!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Priceless says:

    Cheer on for the Cheer pup! CUTE

  10. PeacePuppy2323 says:

    Does the PSI (confetti launcher) even work? Can it launch stuff? Can it make noises? GANZ, what can it do?

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