Chili Hamster

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7 Responses to Chili Hamster

  1. alienprincess18 says:

    If you look at the description it says that this pet is plush but its not. I looked on the internet for like 10 minutes looking to buy the plush version but then i found out its only virtual and its currently not available in eStore :( Just posting this so nobody gets confused lol!

  2. jaybeesmile says:

    I want this hamster!!! Ive been waiting months for it to come back to the estore! Please Ganz I want him in Amazing world!!!!!!!!!

  3. shoshoneno1 says:

    I’ve collected all the hamsters both plush and virtual that I’ve ever seen offered and I never remember seeing or hearing about a Chili Hamster. Come on, Ganz, where can this cool chili willie hamster be found for purchase?

  4. speedymice5 says:

    The Chilly Hamster is a pet I never got. You can not buy it on the e-store anymore so it is not active. And it’s NOT plush. There fore you guys are wrong. That is all I have to say about this spicy little fellow.

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