Chinese Dragon

Harness the power of the ancients with the mystical Chinese Dragon! This proud pet demands the finest in traditional cuisine, and the fiercely flavorful Fire Spice Ramen is the perfect choice for their favorite dish! The Chinese Dragon also enjoys organizing their valuables in their very beautiful, very secure Ancient Dynasty Trunk!

17 Responses to Chinese Dragon

  1. 7199 says:

    reminds me of that curious George episode where George helps that girl for the parade. (never liked that episode btw) D:

  2. Nicthewerecatqueen says:

    I have this pet on my deluxe account! I named her Lynette!

  3. catzruleandzz says:

    Where did the plush version go?

  4. icestorm13 says:

    They reanimated it. What happened to its neck? (My Chinese Dragon’s neck appears to have disappeared. His head is literally on his shoulders now. Has this happened with anyone else’s dragon? Webkinz, can you fix this? Thanks.)

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