Colorsplash Tiger

Roll up your sleeves, because the Colorsplash Tiger is ready to paint their next masterpiece! Such ferocious creativity must be fed, so energize your Tiger with lots of Rainbow Spaghetti! And when you want to sneak a peek at their latest work of art, visit them at their very own Finger Painting Easel!

39 Responses to Colorsplash Tiger

  1. TigerKinzKG says:

    i really want this one!i love tigers! :) :) :) i

  2. cinnamonlover21 says:

    I recently bought this pet. Does anyone have suggestions for a name?

  3. girle101 says:

    I am getting this one and some other webkinz for my birthday! So cute!

  4. sugarqueen says:

    Mine is named Colorific and I just adopted him today! :)

  5. popy380 says:

    i think a good name if it was a girl would be eather rainbow or watercolor, and if it was a boy i would name it king color. I NEED IT!

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