Doc McStuffins Giftbox

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30 Responses to Doc McStuffins Giftbox

  1. ushelen says:

    my sister loves that show!!!!!!!!!

  2. ajwaite says:

    PEPA pig! ( british accent )

  3. ilovewebkinz708 says:

    literally how do you get the gift? It’s been out for like 3 wks…

    • shuggylay says:

      You could find the ad on Webkinz, click on it, watch a video, and enter your username and password to earn this box. However, this event has ended. Sorry!

  4. resolution22 says:

    I loved the notebook, car and heart glasses. Those were my favorite doc mcstuffins prizes!

  5. stuperstar says:

    i just go a doc mcstuffins clothing and heart glasses and a car is that cool i really like the show too

  6. ganzmem says:

    From this gift box you could get the classic Doc outfit and shoes, the Eye Doctor outfit, the Nutritionist outfit, heart glasses, strawberries, the Doc Mobile, and Doc’s Big Book Of Boo-Boo’s.

  7. crystal33447 says:

    hi! i don’t know where to get this ): anyway if anyone cold trade it to me? or send my un is crystal33447! <:

  8. BunnyCarrothunter1 says:

    Aww.. I really wished I could of gotten the notebook.

  9. goppy10 says:

    this is cool! my sister loves this show :)

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