Donut Pup

Pull up a chair at the coffeeshop and hang out with the sweet-as-sugar Donut Pup! This percolating pup is obsessed with all pastries, but especially its absolute favorite – the legendary donut! Help them relax and enjoy by hopping in their Cup of Cocoa Tub! And what better way to enjoy its sweet waters than with a magnificent Donut Sandwich?

43 Responses to Donut Pup

  1. animalcare says:

    i should name it… SHUGER!!

  2. animalcare says:

    OMG OMG OMG!!! i got one for this easter!

  3. ajj0403 says:

    I got one for Easter! I absolutely love her! I named her Sprinkles! She has a cafe!

  4. jadyo4 says:

    My sister just ordered one yesterday. :)

  5. animalcare says:

    I want it I want it I WANT IT!!!!!!! :)

  6. animalcare says:

    On the other side I mite get it for Easter:)

  7. animalcare says:

    I tried to get it for my avitar but it wasn’t there. :(

  8. CountryKinz17 says:

    I just luv this puppy…….Ah what the heck I luv all of them! :D

  9. texasmickey2 says:

    i have it :) i got it like 10 or more days ago! i named her Sprinkels

  10. EspioVectorCharmyMighty says:


    • eswrose says:

      Really cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) !

      • kisshuglovebug says:

        so cute I want one I would name it donuts

          • monarch02WK says:

            Help! I need a name for her! Post the name you think she should have and your username in Webkinz World. I’ll send the winner a prize.

          • prprprprp says:

            Hi, monarch02WK, I don’t know if you are still doing this, but since it is in this same year I figured I would try my hand at picking some names for you. I’m pupcakes88 on Webkinz. I write name suggestions under every pet in the Kinzapedia, so it’s no trouble. Tell me what your username is if i win, I don’t always let people I don’t know get on my friends list. Here I go: my name suggestions for this Donut Pup are: Donuts, (or donut, if you prefer)Sprinkles, Sugar Rush, Candyland, Frosting, Chocolate, Dunkin’ Donuts, Sweetie, Emma, Molly, Jelly-filled, or Vanilla. Hope these helped! Please reply if I won! :)

          • alaska267 says:

            Hey monarch02WK. If you have not yet figured out a name, I have some suggestions. You could name her Dimples or Icing. If I won please reply.

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