Endangered Brown Bear

None can compare to the Signature Endangered Brown Bear! This pet is nutty for nature and lioves a friendly forest gathering . If you’re lucky you just might get invited to its Hibernation Hut for an exquisite meal of Honey Glazed Salmon.

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  1. BrightnSinging2Carrots says:

    I ordered this for my birthday!! He’s so cute and fluffy (like the teddy bear he is)!! :) I’m going to name him Paul after my Vermont Teddy Bear (that actually had his own show…for a time). I didn’t realize until recently that I’d named that particular bear after my grandfather. XD

  2. behappyuall says:

    Such a beautiful animal! I can’t believe anyone’s still hunting them! (See “brown bear” in Wikipedia.)

  3. lucylue says:

    you’re right sophiesophie890! if u get it, name it sky. :p

  4. 594nat says:

    I found this big bear at the Ganz Sale and just couldn’t leave it there! The plush looks better than in the picture and has very expressive eyes! :-)

  5. Fracktail says:

    I’d name him Toklo (and the Endangered Polar Bear and Signature Black Bear would be Kallik and Lusa, respectively).

  6. migrubbs says:

    I got this pet from the Estore in April and named him Dropsie from Lil’ Pet Hospital Stuffed Animals.

    • BrightnSinging2Carrots says:

      I don’t think I’ve heard of those. What are they?

      • migrubbs says:

        Kids and pets are made for each other. The plush pets at the Li’l Pet Hospital (Loveblossom, Splint, Limit, Filo, Scuffs and Dropsie) all need special attention and because each was injured in some way while playing. Every pet comes with a storybook that tells how it was injured.

  7. sophiesophie890 says:

    she looks like the momma bear from the movie bears

  8. mugsysgirlatzilladogcom says:

    Awww!Love the hut!

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