Endangered Iberian Lynx

The endangered Iberian Lynx has finally made its way to Webkinz World! This majestic wild cat is an excellent student who always does its homework right away. The Lynx prefers Reptile Ravioli for dinner before settling in to its cozy Juniper Tree Hammock!

12 Responses to Endangered Iberian Lynx

  1. TaffyKitty12 says:

    This pet is so cool! :D My aunt was generous enough to get me one last year, and I ended up naming him “Frost” :) I accidentally posted about my signature Lynx under the regular lynx kinzapedia page just a little bit ago, oops :P At least I found the right page this time, haha

  2. fancielle says:

    Your entry for Endangered Iberian Lynx needs a photo of the plush and a link to its PSI which is the Juniper Tree Hammock.

  3. fancielle says:

    Cool animal. Heartbreaking that it’s endangered.

  4. Fracktail says:

    Lynxes are cool! :D

  5. migrubbs says:

    I hope this pet will be the next signature in the Estore and I’m going to get her. And I’m naming her Lynxette from the movie The Missing Lynx.

  6. awesometeed789 says:

    i love this one i want it SO BAD -awesometeed789

  7. sky28776 says:

    im getting one named Taylor! im getting her for my birthday AKA August 8th!

  8. Snowflurry says:

    This pet is awesome! I just did the test at Quizzy’s for it, and it’s an amazing animal! Really glad Ganz made this pet, please keep making pets like this!

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