Endangered Polar Bear

This Polar Bear is a daring arctic adventurer with a heart of gold. There’s nothing this strong, brave pet can’t do – the Polar Bear loves a challenge! After a long day of excitement and action, you can help your pet chill out with a Signature Seal Meal and a dip in the Arctic Ice Spa! ! !

12 Responses to Endangered Polar Bear

  1. FoxesRule612 says:

    Beautiful looking plush! I finally managed to get both the wallpaper and regular PSIs for this pet too! I’ve wanted them both for quite a while. The wallpaper and flooring especially!

  2. joy2uall says:

    Your entry for Endangered Polar Bear needs a link to its PSI, the Arctic Ice Spa. Hope it helps.

    • lavadragon says:

      This Signature is one of the best ā… I highly recommend this one, if your looking for an uncommon siggy with a decent price then this is your bear! ā…

  3. joy2uall says:

    What a beautiful creature! Glad we’re doing something to help.

  4. Fracktail says:

    Cool! I’d name her Kallik.

  5. migrubbs says:

    I hope this pet will be the next signature in the Estore and Iā€™m going to get her. And I’m naming her Piper.

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