Fiesta Bull

Get ready for a lively party with the fun-loving Fiesta Bull! This vibrant pet is terrific at planning AND throwing parties for all of their friends. Just look at their festive Fiesta Dining Table, the perfect party centerpiece! And when the food gets rolled out during the festivities, of course they'll go for Quirky Quesadillas, the best fiesta food around!

6 Responses to Fiesta Bull

  1. prprprprp says:

    Hi everyone! Here are some name suggestions for this Fiesta Bull: Charge, Challenger, Fiesta, Horns, Ben, Bulldozer, Colorful, Spiffy, Quirky, or Stare. Hope that helps! :)

  2. animalcare says:

    Why so much Fiesta! I really don’t like this style a lot! I’m Sorry!

  3. AvzoraB says:

    really great design job on this one, Ganz! excellent colors and patterning and proportions. i’m gonna have to get one. :D

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