Friendly Monster

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  1. Fracktail says:

    I usually like the monster Webkinz, but this one weirds me out for reasons I can’t figure out…maybe it looks too human-ish? I mean, it doesn’t look human at all, but it doesn’t really look like an animal either. Maybe if it had ears?

  2. Wycklyn says:

    Who’s the sweetest little monster in town? Friendly Monster, of course! From the top of his bushy mohawk to his horns and toothy smile to the bottoms of his clawed feet, this little green and pink guy is scary sweet! Just be sure to feed him lots of Booberry Gumballs and wash him in his Slimy Monster Bathtub to make sure he stays happy.

  3. fierywarmth says:

    It’s cute, but I probably won’t get it. :( For some reason or other, it reminds me of something from Monsters University, Disney. LOL

  4. CountryKinz17 says:

    Friendly huh? are you sure he doesn’t bite? lol

  5. bubble3babies says:

    Friendly monster may look scary , but he is very shy and loveable. Adopt him and you will see he is alot of fun once he gets to know you.

  6. EMANUEL3 says:

    Some are intimidated by the Friendly Monster at first glance, but they soon realize there’s nothing to fear with this pet. This little guy is all about having fun. A jokester and comedian to the core, he loves making others laugh. Feeding him a Booberry Gumball is sure to bring a grin. Watch out though when giving him a scrub in his Slimy Monster Bathtub: he’s known to try to splash anyone close!

  7. Trollston says:

    My Description: Green and Pink, the Friendly Monster is a great pet! He will draw attention to himself wherever it goes, he could be in your closet, but nobody knows! Just don’t let the cuteness of this monster get to you, you’re in for a real scaaaaare!

  8. shadow1109 says:

    lovable green and pink friendly monster, he will be welcomed where ever he goes lots of fun, and you will love the monster room

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