Golden Deluxe Dragon

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8 Responses to Golden Deluxe Dragon

  1. simba1994 says:

    Mine’s name is Alywin

  2. Queencows says:

    Please, please offer this wonderful golden dragon in the estore even if it is offered as deluxe.

  3. polaroid3 says:

    yes make a plush and re-release it in the e-store too. thanks ganz. it’s an amazingly beautiful pet..

  4. Queencows says:

    please make this available at the estore ; I’ve been waiting for it a long long time

  5. Fracktail says:

    This looks a bit like Raziel’s species.

  6. fierywarmth says:

    A plush would complete this pet!

  7. cutefinn373 says:

    i have a description: Get this Wonderful dragon today! Instead like all other dragons, this one is DELUXE! It can also curl up on a cozy seat and read a book by the delightful and fantastic Fictional fireplace!: I put all my effort into this. ^^^^cutefinn373^^^^

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