Have you ever heard of a Googles? Not many people have - they're shy, mysterious creatures who live near ponds, deep in the forest. With webbed feet and a funny little beak, everyone is sure to give this kooky critter a second glance. A Googles is sure to bring a smile to your face and make your life in Webkinz World an exciting one!

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  1. belbel1010 says:

    I have a Googles named Google, who I got from my grandma in 2016. He used to be a chew toy for her dog, but she let me keep him. He likes parties and wears a party hat. I also have two pink googles, one of which that I’m giving to my cousin.

  2. hp93 says:

    I have two of these bad boys- one full sized one and one lil kinz. Their names are Bill and Charlie.

  3. notwen says:

    I named mine Aroo. Don’t ask.

  4. shuggylay says:

    I have two of this pet! I got both of them at Target around Easter a few years ago. I named the first one Stoogles, after the member of The Kinz, and the second one Lilac, because it seemed light and airy like the Googles.

  5. CorynPlatypus says:

    While I like the googles, they should have made a signature platypus while signatures were still coming out. Sigh… maybe one day

  6. TheSpencenator says:

    what should I name my googles? any one can think of a name. should I make it a boy or a girl? BTW I am a boy.

    • Fracktail says:

      This is a little late, but…some good names for a Googles are Cosmo, Percy, Gaggles, Baxter, Sputnik, Doodles, Lackadaisy, Giggles, Mabel, or Marshmallow. Hope these helped!

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