Green Sloth

Yawn... want to share a lazy day or two hanging out with the adorable Green Sloth? Of course you do! This sweet pet cherishes their time spent lounging in their perfectly comfy Lazy Days Hammock! And because they have lots of patience (and time), of course they'll always choose to enjoy a heaping serving of Slow Cooked Stew, a cooked-to-perfection meal fit for their laid-back lifestyle!

10 Responses to Green Sloth

  1. lunch says:

    I have one named Sam! He is so cute, especially when he sleeps.

  2. BrightnSinging2Carrots says:

    It’s adorable! And green!

  3. bunnylove4a says:

    oh my gosh how do you buy it because I want it really bad

  4. prprprprp says:

    Hello everyone! *Staying up late* LOL! Here are some name suggestions for this Green Sloth: Vine, Lazy, Nancy, and I am so tired that I am running out of name ideas!! LOL! I will post more (if i think of more) in the morning. Good night! :0 (that was a yawning face-huh, kind of goeswith the pet. LOL!)

  5. DreamBoatAnnie says:

    I think this one is cuter that the regular brown & white sloth! I would like to add it to my family!

  6. witsch73 says:

    Its so cute. What a pitty that this is not a plush.

  7. animalcare says:

    Out of Fiesta and look!

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