Grumpy Cat

Meet Grumpy Cat. She had fun once, and hated it! She much prefers her Crotchety Cat Bed, an oasis of unimpressed cattitude! And if she absolutely HAS to accept food from you, make it Bad-Tempered Tuna, a grouchy alternative for an unconventional cat.

66 Responses to Grumpy Cat

  1. cat2f says:

    Where can you get grumpy!? I really want one! I would name mine Tabitha because that is grumpy’s real name.

  2. iCarlyKitty says:

    Wait-wha-? I thought Grumpy Cat was a meme…? This is quite shocking, yet now I want to go and buy one! XD

  3. shuggylay says:

    I have this pet! I got her when she first came out. Her name is Tardar Sauce, after Grumpy Cat’s real name.

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