Harmony Dragon

Discover peace and balance with the calmest pet around, the Harmony Dragon! This content creature is happiest when gazing at the still waters in their sanctuary and nibbling at their favorite iced treat, some Harmony Dragonfruit Soarbet! And as they wander around their surroundings, they'll definitely take time to stop and appreciate their stunning Harmony Stone Statue!

10 Responses to Harmony Dragon

  1. evony66 says:

    Im being honest this pet should have been a plush plus with some of the other e shop pets

    • BrightnSinging2Carrots says:

      Too many eStore-only pets are that way. They’re just so awesome that they should be in plush form! Some of them ARE pretty complex, though, which is probably why they aren’t plushes…which is sad. :(

  2. migrubbs says:

    I’m going to get this pet one day. And name her Kimono. After the pony from My Little Pony. Because her symbol had Chinese lanterns. So that’s why I chose that name for this Chinese-looking dragon.

  3. Fracktail says:

    Did anyone else think “Charizard” when they saw the flames on its tail? (Truth be told, I’m not actually certain those are flames, but it looked close enough for me to make the association…)

    • Wycklyn says:

      (1) what’s Charizard? is it Pokemon? and (2) dragons with flames on their tails go back to ancient times, so . . . it’s not like Charizard’s flame tail is unique anyway. ;) :D

      • Fracktail says:

        True that, but Charizard is a lot more iconic than the dragons of ancient lore. Thanks for the cool fun fact though (I don’t actively study dragon mythology, so I don’t know these things). :)

  4. pianorose12 says:

    love the color

  5. tanamissxtotheo says:

    Treating myself to all three forsure

  6. price1245 says:

    super cool pet.

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