Harvest Sheep

Celebrate fall with the cuddly Harvest Sheep! This colorful pet and fan of all things autumn adores jumping into piles of leaves before enjoying a deliciously spicy Pumpkin Parfait! And when they're full and ready for fun, watch them run off into the chilly air and play on their very own Autumn Tree Slide!

26 Responses to Harvest Sheep

  1. Fracktail says:

    I love this idea! Instead of fleece, it has leaves. That’s not half baa-d if I do say so myself! :P

  2. jaybones says:

    if I got one I would name him samual

  3. tillybop says:

    Hopefully its leaves don’t fall of.hehe

  4. Chiny says:

    I think it’s E-store only as the description notes type: Estore, Virtual. It is cute and the PSI’s look great!

  5. kittenmeow56 says:

    OMG…. that is the cutest pet ever!!!!

  6. Nannerz says:

    I need to go to Gamestop and get more Estore points! Too cute! C’mon Webkinz! Why do you always have to make cute stuff! ;P

  7. 555bunny555 says:

    Love it. If you buy a 1 year membership you can get it for free! Great deal

  8. moneyz1234 says:


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