What holiday season would be complete without the festive Holidoodle? This highly huggable pet’s favorite time of the year is packed full of friends and food, like their favorite snack, Green Mint Shortbread! Plus, with all their friends around, there’s no better time to enjoy their custom Candy Cane Slide–a great way to have fun over the holidays!

10 Responses to Holidoodle

  1. pineappleinabox says:

    i love the red and green coloring on this one, it’s so cute.

  2. shuggylay says:

    I have this pet! I got her for Christmas last year from my friends. I named her Holly, after “Rainbow Magic: Holly the Christmas Fairy”.

  3. Fracktail says:

    Happy Holidoodles, everyone! Wait…*looks at calendar*

  4. 594nat says:

    I got her, she is my first doodle bird. Her name is Holly and the ribbons on her head and tail are super cute! :-)

  5. boogygirl9 says:

    once I saw it at Josh’s toys and games Phesent lane mall

  6. perler24 says:

    my first doodle bird 2nd was plumfadoodle :)

  7. KoalasRock2000 says:

    The pet is weird. But the psi is really awesome!

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