Lil Peanut Pup

Cozy up to a super-friendly pet – the Lil Peanut Pup! You’ll be two peas-in-a-pod when you cuddle up with them on their adorable Cute & Cozy Couch to hang out and talk for hours! And when it’s time for a sweet snack, rustle up a serving of PB& J Popcorn, a delectable treat your new friend just loves!

21 Responses to Lil Peanut Pup

  1. oilgal says:

    I thought they stopped making lil kinz!

  2. puppypower04 says:

    i got her yesterday! from a mall her name is Katie and shes so cute!

  3. lovepuppy54 says:

    looks like i am getting it on amazon! yay! i am so excited!:)

  4. lovepuppy54 says:

    I LOVE this puppy I may get it on amazon!:}

  5. prprprprp says:

    Here are some name suggestions for the Lil Peanut Pup: Little, Puppy, Peanut, Lilac, Violets, Pastel, Soft, Cupcake, Adorable, Cute, Sweetie, Bows, Missy, or Lavender. Hope this helps everyone who wants to get this adorable pet! Make sure you read all my comments under pets in the Kinzapedia that you like, for more great pet names ideas! :)

  6. Fracktail says:

    It looks so soft! I adore the contrast between the big paws and head and her comparatively small body. It makes her look more like a young puppy!

  7. kittykitty1307 says:

    where I live it’s $15.99 . i am working for it. i get it in four days!

  8. lonyvic says:

    I want one and I would name it cupcake

    • paperclip00 says:

      lonyvic, if you are having trouble finding this pet at the stores, than try Amazon or something. That’s what I had to do. By the way, I named mine Mercy. Paid nine dollars for her, and she is worth it!

  9. bgunny says:

    I got it for my birthday from my BFF.I named it Lilac.

  10. jean3bear says:

    aw its so cute!!! i want it! can i have it for free?!?!?! can i?

    • paperclip00 says:

      jean3bear, you can’t have it for free. When I was looking for it, I couldn’t find it in the stores, so I got mine of Amazon, if this will help you any. Take it from me: The dog is as cute as the picture, and can actually stand up by itself.

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