Love Monkey

You're sure to love this Love Monkey! Bubblegum pink and covered with red and purple hearts, there's nothing quite as cute as this valentine pal! Love Monkeys love to play with friends, visit the Clubhouse, and learn lots of new things. What do they love most of all? Eating a big loaf of Blushin' Banana Bread and hanging out with their very best friend - you!

12 Responses to Love Monkey

  1. shuggylay says:

    I have this pet! I got her for Valentine’s Day a LONG time ago. I named her Lovebunches, because she has bunches of love for everyone.

  2. 594nat says:

    I have one named Pansie! One day I hope all have all the love-themed Webkinz!

  3. migrubbs says:

    I’m getting this pet for my cousin Kathleen’s nephew. I’m letting him keep the plush while I keep the code. I’m naming this pet Playful Heart Monkey from the Care Bears.

  4. DoodleGirl09 says:

    My pet valentine monkey is named Val.

  5. princejackson5 says:

    Cute cute cute :P my love monkey webkinz is named Valentina. :) she likes to cook special treats for my other webkinz pets. Her room is the candy gingerbread house theme. :)

  6. hollygomez says:

    I one her in a contest

  7. Emilypup says:

    I love my Love Monkey she so much fun.

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