Minty Reindeer

If you hear the clack of hoofs on your roof, it might just be a Minty Reindeer! This peppermint pal is sure to sweeten up even the coldest winter night. Take your reindeer to the Clubhouse to make some new friends - they just love giving gifts!

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  1. JRS1 says:

    Just saw this in estore today. Festive Weekends. It has a green nose. I looked at other images on net, at some show pet with red nose. Apparently briefly, when first came out, the nose was red which was mistake and was later changed to green. Honestly, if this reindeer had the red nose I would buy immediately. It REALLY looked a lot better, was cuter, and just looked right with the red nose. Just saying.

  2. Fracktail says:

    I love how its antlers are candy canes! :D

  3. blueon says:

    your entry for Minty Reindeer needs a link and image for the PSI. hope it helps.

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