Mohawk Chihuahua

The Mohawk Chihuahua is a music fanatic! Can you keep up with them as they play around in their super-fun Mosh Ball Pit for hours and hours? Plus, this pup is all about taking risks and being totally awesome, so be sure to always have some Headbanging Hot Sauce on hand for them to enjoy!

30 Responses to Mohawk Chihuahua

  1. PowerGirls says:

    Wonderful and cute,VERY CUTE!!!!!

  2. silvana98 says:

    so cute little guy

  3. mowhawkpuppy6045 says:

    ok i just have to say this works perfect for my channel name

  4. wwerat654 says:

    i like this mo hawk dog he or she is so cute almost as cute as the ice dragon witch i still need just like this cute puppy

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