Orange Goat

Jump for joy with your new friend, the Lil Orange Goat! Spring is here, and this lovely little pet loves nothing more than decorating their yard with a shiny AND useful Orange Sweet Garden Silo, a wonderful place to store your garden's bits and bobs! And when it's time to sit in the sunshine and share a bite to eat, of course they'll bring out a special seasonal favorite to split with you: fresh Orange Spring Rolls!

9 Responses to Orange Goat

  1. migrubbs says:

    Someday, I’m going to get this pet and name her Tulip Blossom from Tea Bunnies.

  2. prprprprp says:

    Here are some name ideas for the Orange Goat! Try any one of these: Orange, Dreamsicle, Creamsicle, Orange Julius, White Chocolate, Spring, Little, Biscuit, or Scone. Hope that helps, and keep looking through the Kinzapedia pets section for more awesome name ideas! :)

  3. TinaKitty24 says:

    Mmm it makes me think of an orange Popsicle! So cute. ^^

  4. KinzMom5 says:

    He is cute, and I love the PSI!

  5. ts11824 says:

    OK I want this!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. animalcare says:

    Why am I the only one commenting on these adorable little things! Imean I know there all the same but, still!

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