Patchwork Leopard

Get comfy with the sweet Patchwork Leopard! A wizard with fabric, stitches and patterns, this super-cute cat just adores resting on their Cute Quilted Couch after a long day of inventing new quilting ideas. Want to cozy on up, too? Be sure to bring a piece of Quilted Cake with you, their absolute favorite dessert!

19 Responses to Patchwork Leopard

  1. FoxesRule612 says:

    I love this guy! What a creative idea to use a leopard’s spots as actual patches!

  2. migrubbs says:

    Gennelle, will you let me know if this pet will be back on the timeline? I want to get this pet so badly!

  3. bunnyfunfun101 says:

    so SO cute

  4. migrubbs says:

    I really want to get this pet and it got my attention. And I will with my giftcard on my birthday.

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