Pisces Fish

This wild and watery wanderer has finally backstroked its way into Webkinz World and it’s no surprise that it loves to play Go Fish with its Zodiac Pet pals in the Kinzville Park! Members lucky enough to adopt the Pisces Fish will receive an Underwater Archway and a tasty Cosmic Coral Kebob for their pet!

8 Responses to Pisces Fish

  1. CHEYCHEY071 says:

    omg i want this so bad its so beutifulllllll :(:

  2. notwen says:

    I named this pet Tetra.

  3. migrubbs says:

    I have this pet on my list and can’t wait to get it one day. And I’m naming him Pi from The Reef (Aka Shark Bait) movie. Even this is one my zodiac.

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