Pixie Bunny

Meet the charming Pixie Bunny, a garden-lover through and through! This beautifully-adorned bunny adores hopping through their lush homeland, collecting food items to store in their flowery Secluded Garden Cellar! The treat they love to find the most? Toffee Toadstools, a super-sweet snack they love to share with new friends like you!

13 Responses to Pixie Bunny

  1. migrubbs says:

    I hope Ganz will put this pet in the Estore in the spring next year. Because I didn’t get it this year.

  2. prprprprp says:

    Hello everyone! Here are some name ideas for this Pixie Bunny: Charming, Pixie, Hop, Scurry, Beautiful, Berries, Garden, Flower, Cutie, Paw, Hippy Hop, Mary, Linda, Helen, or Greysha. Hope that helps all you who want to adopt this cute bunny! :)

  3. madeabc says:

    its soooo cute I wish I could get it oh one question are they out yet I want to buy one?!

  4. 20Rainbow07 says:

    What’s with the berry looking things on its head?

  5. MyCatWhiskersRocks says:

    Why does Ganz make so many fairy taleish pets???

  6. animalcare says:

    looks grumpy

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