Poshy Poodle

Enjoy the high life with the fancy and fun Poshy Poodle! This pretty pup cherishes luxury and comfort — just check out their lovely customized Chic Divan Couch! Once you take a seat, present them with their best-loved, most lavish snack: a serving of delicate Ritzy Rice Balls!

11 Responses to Poshy Poodle

  1. rynniepoo says:

    Eeeek! I found this cutie at the thrift store yesterday…brand new WITH A CODE!!! I couldn’t believe it! Her name is Daisetta, after one of my fave ‘Kinz, my Boston Terrier Daisy.

  2. pineappleinabox says:

    there are so many different kinds of webkinz poodles. and why is the french poodle not on the list?

  3. BrightnSinging2Carrots says:

    This splenderific pet reminds me of my niece! I’d name this pet Juliette after her.

  4. XxShineBrightMarXx says:

    D >>| So Fluffy!!

  5. 594nat says:

    If I got this I would have every type of Webkinz poodle ganz made! :-)

  6. prprprprp says:

    Here are some name suggestions for this Poshy Poodle: Luxury, Poodle, Comfort, Colorblock, Lavish, Fluffy, High End, Nerds, Rock Candy, Emma, Cornelia, Delicate, Cotton Candy, Fruity, or Fruit Smoothie. hope that helps you all! Make sure you check out my other comments under each pet’s comments section in the Kinzapedia for more awesome pet names! Reply if you like my names, and just ask if you want more for any particular pet, I’ll try to think up some more! :)

  7. niknik1144 says:

    OH. MY. GOSH. I MUST have this pet! So Cute!

  8. knxvillegirl1 says:

    I is sooooo cute!

  9. jean3bear says:

    aww its sooooooooo cute i love it i mean the plushy :)

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