Purple Floral Fawn

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6 Responses to Purple Floral Fawn

  1. doodlebug72898 says:

    Isn’t she supposed to have flowers on her back or head or tail or something? Where are the flowers? She just looks purple, not floral-y.

    • Fracktail says:

      That’s what I thought. Sometimes Webkinz does that, like they’ll make the name have an established theme but then the pet doesn’t follow through with it. Although the Floral Fox is a really cool flowery pet!

  2. migrubbs says:

    I have this pet on my list and can’t wait to get it one day. And I’m naming her Shyler.

  3. kittenlove420 says:

    very adorable

  4. moneyz1234 says:

    is it cute;I can’t see it

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