Quirky Carnival Unicorn

It's great to be quirky! Meet the unique Quirky Carnival Unicorn, a colorful pet who loves to have fun! Ready to go on an adventure with them? Bring along a Twisted Candy Apple or two! And when you're ready for a quick nap, grab a few Zzz's on their crazy-cool Quirky Carnival Wagon Bed, a one-of-a-kind piece!

59 Responses to Quirky Carnival Unicorn

  1. mowhawkpuppy6045 says:

    I don’t like estore pets because i like to have the plush but i have to admit it is adorable

  2. 1meerkat says:

    This is a alicorn not a unicorn

  3. puppy2cute14 says:


  4. Ritagoad says:

    I love that unicorn or that unicorn is so pretty

  5. BrightnSinging2Carrots says:

    After months of name-hunting, I finally got to adopt mine today! I named her Moonstone somewhat after 1st Gen. My Little Pony. :)

  6. gcate7 says:

    It is not an unicorn it’s alacorn

  7. gobbkus says:

    hhhhh I love this unicorn so much! <3

  8. Webkinzlover924 says:

    It’s like a night mare horse

  9. Webkinzlover924 says:

    This is a great pet I like the name Mystical

  10. puppylove402 says:

    Thats a carnival unicorn?? Come on Ganz, you can do better than that… Make it colourful! A carnival has lights!! Make it more…. carnivaly.. 0.0

    • shuggylay says:

      Well, keep in mind that it is a Quirky Carnival Unicorn, so it’s bound to have a few (or a lot) quirks!

    • AngelKinz says:

      While I do love the color scheme, I think a few more colors and decorations could make it really stand out! Also, like shuggylay said, it IS a Quirky Carnival Unicorn, so it’s a little bit quirky!

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