Renaissance Palace Butterfly

The Renaissance Palace Butterfly is sure to set hearts aflutter! This winged wonder will make a fine addition to your family of pets, but make sure that you treat them right and bathe them in the kind of luxury that can only be found in their Fine Perfume Bath! This butterfly also has a particular palate, so make sure you serve them a Flowery Flutterpie when it's snack time!

5 Responses to Renaissance Palace Butterfly

  1. Fracktail says:

    Cool stuff! The antennae are also really super fancy. Good pet!

  2. TweeDL says:

    oh! gorgeous! ;) :D

  3. Nevie_Boo says:

    Right now I’m saving my estore points for a butterfly! I can’t wait until I have enough! I might get this one!

  4. perler24 says:

    I know because its fancy wings right?

  5. mits says:

    I always thought this one was so pretty!

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