Rosy Satin Guinea Pig

Enjoy all of life’s luxuries with the super-soft Rosy Satin Guinea Pig! A lover of all things silky and elegant, this whimsical pet likes to daydream while appreciating the view from behind their Satin Curtains! And when they beckon you to come share the sights, be sure to bring along some Silky Smooth Sorbet, a delectable treat that’s not to be missed!

48 Responses to Rosy Satin Guinea Pig

  1. bd2009funkid says:

    I have a piggy in real life, but now that i see this I want her so bad! im gonna name her cupcake

  2. glunalou says:

    I am a BIG Harry Potter fan, and this reminded me of a puffenskin!

  3. KinzKollector says:

    Make plushies of these cute virtual pets pleeeease! Please bring back the plushies!!

  4. wolfygum says:

    Ty for releasing another virtual pet but with good desings!!! (sarcastic) -_- WE WANT PLUSHIES!!!

  5. RagingFire123 says:

    I have her! Her name is Rosanna!

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