Signature Barn Owl

One of the smartest birds around, the Signature Barn Owl watches the outside world from the refined heights of the Weathered Barn Lookout! And to top off a day of graceful gliding and dangerous diving, this talented hunter loves nothing more than a well-earned Gourmet Cricket Cocktail!

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  1. grace0164 says:

    I have a placeable barn owl plush in the game (like the host plushes you can buy in the wshop), and I have no idea where I got it. Does anyone know what it’s from? I’ve looked it up to no result.

  2. BrightnSinging2Carrots says:

    I have loved this pet from the first time I saw it, and my plush just arrived in the mail! He’s so detailed that he looks like a real owl! I’m going to name him Glimfeather after the owl from The Silver Chair. :)

  3. CrazyCatCrib says:

    Our Signature Barn Owls are as smart as they are beautiful. See if you can spot them atop our Sneaky Silo or snacking on a Gourmet Cricket Cocktail! Even though most owls are nocturnal, our Signature Barn Owl might be seen at any time! (by CrazyCatCrib)

  4. CrazyCatCrib says:

    Your description for your entry for Signature Barn Owl says this pet’s PSI is the Weathered Barn Lookout, but the link is to the Sneaky Silo (which also links back to Signature Barn Owl). There also appears to be no entry for Weathered Barn Lookout. (Too bad, because I think that’s a more appealing name . . . . Oh, well.) Hope it helps.

  5. 594nat says:

    This was my first signature. I got him on Valentine’s Day and his name is Hibou, which means owl in French! :-)

  6. snowdog2002 says:

    WOW! I LOVE THIS! he is really cool and this might sound weird but i will name him Legolas.

  7. migrubbs says:

    I hope this pet will be the next signature in the Estore and I’m going to get her. And I’m going to name her Moonface. After the owl from Zoboomafoo.

    • BrightnSinging2Carrots says:

      I like the name! I’ve never heard of Zoboomafoo, though. What is it about?

      • migrubbs says:

        Martin and Chris Kratt star in this preschool tv series that teaches children how to respect and care for animals. Zoboomafoo, a playful little lemur, hangs around Animal Junction with Matt and Chris. The watering hole is an animal pit stop where a steady stream of animal visitors wander in from around the globe. The series uses music and sounds from around the world, puppetry, animation and Claymation to entertain kids.

  8. icestorm13 says:

    This Webkinz pet reminds me of Soren [you know, that barn owl from the first Guardians of Ga'hoole book]

  9. littleheartbigbark says:

    I really like this pet. Ever since I read the gaurdians of Gahoole, I’ve been enhanced by owls. Especially Barn Owls. ;)

    • 5sos1771 says:

      Me too! If I get It I would name it Coryn

      • CorynPlatypus says:

        I have 2!! I named them Coryn and Eglantine!

        • Fracktail says:

          No mention of Soren? Well, I did like Coryn more than Soren, anyways…my favorite owl was Gylfie, though. I don’t have this owl, but I do have a Great Grey Owl. Guess what I named him…;)

          • CorynPlatypus says:

            Cassius? Cus’ thats what I named mine. And I have a Barred owl named Lyze of Kiel (Well hey can you remember any barred owls? Grimble was a boreal owl)

          • Fracktail says:

            I’m not sure who Cassius is, but I remember Otulissa being a barred owl. I didn’t really like Otulissa that much, though; even after (*SPOILER*) she started acting friendlier towards the main characters, she still came off as sort of snobbish to me (*END SPOILERS*). Cleve was cool, though.

          • Fracktail says:

            Oh, and I named my Great Grey Twilight. ;)

          • CorynPlatypus says:

            Twilight’s birth name is Cassius, you find out in the last book when his 2 older brothers find him, and Outulissa is a spotted owl (Short-Eared owl in the movie)

          • Fracktail says:

            Whoops, I feel dumb now. I haven’t read the books in so long! Also, sorry for the super-duper late reply. I had completely forgotten about this conversation and just stumbled on it today. Sheesh, I’m such a doofus. XD

          • Fireworm says:

            I named mine Soren!

    • CorynPlatypus says:

      Love Guardians of Ga’Hoole!!!! The movie was awesome (SEQUEL!!!) and ever since I just really love owls

  10. Blue_Kitty says:

    I have this!! but i lost the code :(

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