Signature Ocelot

Make way for the sleek and sophisticated Signature Ocelot! This wild cat has been adored throughout history, so help celebrate its legacy by throwing a bash and presenting them with a stunning Aztec Cat Fountain! Plus, keep the party going by serving some hot-and-spicy Cha Cha Chili, a favorite in this proud pet’s homeland!

65 Responses to Signature Ocelot

  1. mommyleya says:

    Sooo cute! Im getting it for Christmas 2014!

  2. sky28776 says:

    I have this webkinz, i named her Belle and I LOVE HER!!!

  3. oilgal says:

    I want one! So cute

  4. wolf02038 says:

    why did they stopped signatures I really wanted them to make webkinz sig black wolf,arictic wolf,and red husky :(

  5. prprprprp says:

    Here are some name suggestions for this Signature Ocelot: Oz, Kailey, Kim, Spot, Wild, Maisy, Blondie, Sandy, Prowl, or Pounce. Hope this helps! Make sure to check out my other Webkinz name suggestions under every pet’s comments section in the Kinzapedia! :)

  6. lovepuppy06 says:

    Omg… Is so cuteee :3 I want it! Good work ganz! :D

  7. yomenchaca123 says:

    awwww i want it

  8. spottedstar1 says:

    I got a new webkinz today his name is tinkles, the ocelot is the next wbkinz ill be getting. BTW candy googles that is a good name (;

  9. snowdog2002 says:

    i think this is adorable. I just love wild cats.

  10. snowdog2002 says:

    i want it! i would name it Savanna! i’ll have to snatch one before it gets retired for some odd reason like most pets…

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