Signature Snow Leopard

Cozy up to the beautiful Signature Snow Leopard! No stranger to the cold winds of their northern habitat, this sleek cat warms up on winter evenings with a hot cup of Cozy Cocoa! And whether they're keeping a watch over their lands or simply taking a rest, you'll often find them deep in the wilderness enjoying the view from their pristine Alpine Cave!

35 Responses to Signature Snow Leopard

  1. Nicthewerecatqueen says:

    I have this cutie on my deluxe account! I named her Brunhilda! (and I still sleep with her at night)

  2. Pablosfriend says:

    I wish they designed this signature with silver/white/grey eyes. I am looking at images of snow leopards and almost all of them have white/grey eyes. I can see in some of the leopards eyes a brown tint, but I barely find any that have dark brown eyes like this signature. I don’t want to sound like I am hating on brown eyes, sorry if I do. However, I believe that if the eyes stayed white/grey (I am referring to the regular snow leopard plush) then the pet would look more realistic when you look at its face in my opinion. Obviously it would also match the beautiful markings the leopard has.

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